Mentioned Ideas for Rocks'n'Diamonds

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Mentioned Ideas for Rocks'n'Diamonds

Post by Zomis »

This is a thread containing mentioned ideas for Rocks'n'Diamonds.
If you see an idea that isn't mentioned in this thread (or thinks that the status written here for an idea is incorrect), please contact me (by sending a personal message or replying to the thread).

Ideas with more or less unknown status:
New sokoban objects

Sidebar readability
Holger says: "Hmm, maybe you're right. Good point...". Free interpretation

Amoeba growing max

An element named "selectbox"

New EMC elements in Info Screen

New CE change delay unit: Steps

Better objects for DC2 section

Display skipped levels
Might be part of the "Levelset indicator idea". Status Unknown

Beep when tape loaded

"Can Snap" player option

CE value of element also for "use graphic of"?

CE dig and change option

Teleporters as standard elements

Players indication and setting

Keep brush after use gfx of

Warparound map
Description: When walking outside map, player/element comes to the other side of the map. For example, goes out on bottom of the map, returns on top.
Status: Unknown. I think it's on hold because it would be too many boundary checkings.

Custom keys, for inventory
Status: Unknown. There aren't only positive things about implementing this unfortunately. Holger said it would be nice to have though.

Adjustable screen size
Status: Holger has been thinking about it, and maybe still thinks about it.

Level display size
Status: Unknown.

Dynablaster objects
Status: (At least) one element which is not possible with CEs. Some which isn't possible with the RND-engine. But some might come.

Sequential delay
Status: Holger seems to like the idea, and thinks about it.

Several RND options
Status: Some might come with the new EM engine. Some will probably be added later.

Overlap theory (for multiplayer)
Status: Holger is thinking about how to implement it.

Debugging CE changes/actions
Status: Unknown

Player explosion: use for all levels (in a set)
Status: Would be good to have. But doesn't seem to be implemented in RND yet. However, it could be possible to apply using RNDTest or ConfEdit in the future.

0 shield time is inf
Status: Unknown

New sokoban objects
Status: Unknown
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Post by Zomis »

Ideas with known, but yet unimplemented, status:

'Locked' levels
Will come later.

Links in levelgroups
"almost definitely before the next major release after 3.2.0."

Colors (Hue, saturation, light, alpha blending)
Some things might come with the new BD engine (RND 3.4.0?).

Remembering game state in a tape
Will probably come soon, since Holger got addicted to Alan's RND-Zelda ;)

All time highscore/time
Not yet...

BD exit
Will come with the release of the BD engine

CE change sound/music/artwork in level
At least change music is a good idea

Levelset indication
Status: Being worked on...

Simplified interface for children, internationalization
Status: Internationalization is on todo list. Simplified interface has been implemented in HerzAusGold's "rndTest".

Level Backgrounds
Status: Will not be implemented in the near future. It would require many graphic engine modifications, which aren't so easy. Maybe for RND 7.0.0 or something like that.

Sort priority, sorting in different ways
Status: On TODO-list.

Minimap view
Status: Some functions for it exists. However, more functions for it could be added in future versions.

Bigger pixel size
Status: Holger has been thinking about it for a time. It could be implemented in a future RND-version.

"Play demo-tape" button
Status: On todo-list.

Status: Alan and Darkon tried implementing it using CEs. Without 100% success (I think, please correct me if I'm wrong). No response from Holger yet.

Magic Wall options
Status: Holger seems to like the idea, so it probably will come later.

Critter speeds
Status: Will probably come soon.

Delete element
Status: "Wouldn't be too hard to implement", so it probably will come soon.

CE Actions: Move CE and change direction of CE
Status: Holger seems to like the idea.

Configuration for Mole leave behind
Status: Will probably be implemented soon.

Dropping CEs on some walkable elements
Status: Holger seems to like the idea. But I'm not sure when it will be implemented.

Non-CE Object generator
Status: After thinking a while, Holger likes the idea to improve the main engine more and not refer to CEs always. Implementation time unknown.

Static keys & exit
Status: Holger likes the idea, so it will probably be implemented some day..

Force feed back joystick
No idea about how to do it, but a nice idea!
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Post by Zomis »

Ideas implemented in editions of RND or attempting to do it using CEs:
"Download new levels" in game menu
Status: HerzAusGold has made "rndTest", with this feature enabled. Although not in the main game menu, it's possible using some parameters.

Pullable / Chainable elements
Status: Trying to make it with CEs. It could actually be possible.

MagicSokoban, point and click
Status: HerzAusGold has made "rndTest", with this feature enabled.

Game at work, boss key
Status: HerzAusGold has made "rndTest", with this feature enabled.

zip support
Status: HerzAusGold has made "rndTest", with this feature enabled.

continuous input
Status: Possible using CEs in one way, a little buggy though.

Change delay + other
Status: A workaround using 1 extra CE is possible. It probably won't be implemented in the near RND-future.
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Post by Zomis »

Implemented ideas in Rocks'n'Diamonds:
Editable custom element descriptions
Status: Already possible.

CE change actions
Status: Added in pre-release 3.2.0-5.

Counter Animation
Status: Added in pre-release 3.2.0-6

player explosion type and contents
Status: Added in pre-release 3.2.0-6

CE changes when digging other element
Description: Custom Elements can be set to dig other elements. If CE then digs an element, it can be set to change into some other element.
Status: Added in second version of pre-release 3.2.0-6

Change when- on initialize
Status: Added in second version of 3.2.0-6

Auto snap for RND

Seperate gravity for each player
Done in 3.2.0
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Post by Zomis »

Just wanted to let you know that I have updated this thread now
(2006-08-24 19:13 CET)

It's very hard to update this thread because as you see there's a lot of "unknown status"-ideas.
And there are many many ideas for RND... but I do my best to write down most of them here.
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Post by RAP »

There there Zomis, I'll try my best to add in some other missing ideas... since late 2006. ;p Note: The date of the topic is based on the pacific time zone. The date tells you when the topic has been created.

CE changes when: gravity changes, wind direction changes (Jun 15, 2009)
Status: Unknown, Holger even didn't responded that topic (but the forum dropdown makes a decent excuse)

CE follows player/any other object (Nov 01, 2008)
Status: Holger quoted, "Yes, this would probably be a nice feature (which cannot easily be done with the current CE possibilities)." However, no actual status right now.

Custom graphic mouse cursor (Dec 16, 2009)
Status: Unknown.

CE action: "set scroll delay" (Jun 15, 2009)
Status: Unknown, not responded. Sounds kinda interesting -- maybe making enemy encountering more difficult? XD

CE option: "Use last graphic after change" (Jun 15, 2009)
Status: Not responded, another interesting idea from Daniel H.

Actual EM emulation screensize: 12 x 20 tiles (Jun 13, 2009)
Status: Already in his to-do list! It's even packaged in the latest R'n'D version (excluding R'n'D jue)

New tweaks/ideas/corrections for the level editor (Dec 27, 2009)
Notes: Tons of tweaks and ideas thrown in, even Holger did!
Status: Unknown, but I'm sure Holger is very much thinking about this recently.

Adding new ideas to edit via tools (Jan 16, 2007)
Notes: The topic used to focus on just making tubes easier, but the idea expanded to other ideas that make editing a bit more easier via using the same tools.
Status: Unknown, unknown, unknown! Please do a favor and throw some more ideas into this topic.

Custom field explosion (Apr 12, 2009)
Notes: *snicker...* This is my idea! xD
Status: Unknown, but Sigma likes this idea.

CE action: "Make player [x]" (Mar 19, 2007)
Notes: Four notable option suggestions in the topic
Status: Holger seems to like it, but questions the usage of these ideas -- maybe mind control...?

Element passes element, CE stuff (Sep 30, 2008)
Status: Unfortunately, this is not going to be a very easy implementation; as Holger said. Major engines would be made if this idea has to be added.

Player inventory "screen" or pop-up (Nov 06, 2008)
Status: I actually have no idea how to wrap this one around my head. Maybe another request for a inventory slot screen?

Level seed (Jun 27, 2008)
Status: Holger thinks it's a good idea... wait, is this idea implemented?

Level rating system (Feb 29, 2008)
Status: Not implemented, but it's a good idea from Holger. The only problem? When to implement the ability to transfer the ratings...

Music on/off shortcut (Oct 09, 2008)
Status: Unknown, but turning off the music easily during gameplay instead of going through the settings is good. This might require some graphical revamping if this idea is added.

Notifying the player that the shield power will deplete in 5 secs. (Apr 16, 2009)
Status: Sounds like a decent idea.

Complete expanable list of all the available elements in the editor (Jul 13, 2007)
Status: My god, this is a freaking good idea... it would save tons of time editing for all level designers out there! Even Holger took notice!

Playtest debugging commands (Jun 24, 2007)
Status: OMG, another time saver! And even for the editors! However, I would advise that tape recording would be disabled as a result of using these tools.

Increasing max # changepages? (Feb 03, 2007)
Status: This idea remains unsolved... due to the limit of 32 pages...

Gadget function for CE, change/style (Feb 19, 2007)
Status: Holger likes the idea, but hasn't worked on it.

CE action: "Change when blocked/stuck" (Nov 30, 2006)
Status: Holger actually removed this feature due to compatibility issues. He'll try readding it later.

CE function: "replace always" (Nov 11, 2006)
Status: Unknown!

New classic/RnD elements (Oct 09, 2006)
Status: Some of them are good, but some of them are hideous bad for level editing -- I sorta doubt that Holger would take those ideas.

Asiekierka's CE ideas
Notes: It's a few ideas that he posted down -- I think there's another list of them.
Status: o_O

CE action: "Set focus on [x]" (Oct 09, 2006)
Status: Sorta interesting, but it's more like having a camera seeing a warning sight or something. I'm not sure if Holger read and responded to this.

CE action: "move element [x]" (Sep 03, 2006)
Status: This is quite an interesting topic for a single CE function. While Holger is thinking of this idea within a generic POV, the topic suddenly went dead.

The possibilites of CE change actions (Nov 12, 2005)
Notes: Flipping nuts! Tons of ideas on how to function these lil'CEs! Literally!
Status: I have no idea if Holger added all of them, but the topic already died, having 71 posts in it. MAKE IT GROW!

More colored diamonds (Jul 02, 2004)
Status: Holger might take this idea, since there are already three new colors for Emeralds -- why not have Diamonds?

Custom empty space graphics (Jul 01, 2004)
Status: Holger is interested in this idea, but has an unknown status if he's working on it.

New non-CE element: Rotation wheel (Jun 20, 2004)
Status: Holger likes it, but doesn't except this feature to be added in the feature. For Zomis, it's unknown if he accomplished the creation of the element. However, he somehow debunks it later on in viewtopic.php?t=256

GE action: "random2" (Nov 04, 2004)
Status: Dead topic probably, no idea what to do with this one.

# of sound replays (Jul 12, 2004)
Status: Holdge likes it seems, I forgot but did he added this feature?

GE function: check element additions (Oct 23, 2004)
Status: ...Unknown?

Fluid/liquid objects (Dec 22, 2004)
Status: In the to-do list, but this was a long time ago.

CE movement: "Diagonal" (Jul 23, 2005)
Status: Unsure, but responded in confusion.

Minimap view (Oct 08, 2004)
Status: Might be considered in a future version, but not now unfortunately.

Sort ability in levelset picking (Aug 17, 2005)
Status: Might be considerable.

BTW -- Holger, did you recieve ideas that were interested or rejected by you via e-mail? Maybe it would be worth talking about some of them for curiousity of the Rocks'n'Diamonds development.
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