Levels & Artwork

Note on installation of additional level sets

To add new level packages to Rocks’n’Diamonds, just download the archives, extract them into the “levels” directory and select the set you want to play from the “Levelset” main menu section – that’s all!

The best location to store new level sets and collections is probably not the “levels” directory in the Rocks’n’Diamonds installation directory (which also works fine), but the user data directory of Rocks’n’Diamonds, which is one of the following locations, depending on your system:

Linux ~/.rocksndiamonds/levels
Mac Rocks’n’Diamonds/levels in your Documents folder
Windows Rocks’n’Diamonds/levels in your Documents folder
Android Android/data/org.artsoft.rocksndiamonds/files/levels in your Device storage folder

Since version, you can also simply drag zip archives containing level or artwork sets using the mouse and drop them into the game window (either in the main menu or the level set selection menu, if you want to add the level set to a specific sub-directory). Alternatively, you can also copy them into the “levels” directory (or any sub-directory), and they will be extracted at the next program start.

Enjoy! :-)

The new Supaplex level collection

  • “Supaplex” (2567 levels in 30 level sets)

    This completely updated package contains the original Supaplex levels, the classic “Supaplex Level Collection” series of add-on level sets and a few other sets.

    In addition to the improved Supaplex game graphics known from Rocks’n’Diamonds, this collection also contains a custom artwork set to improve the classic Supaplex experience of the original game, while keeping some useful additions from R’n’D like the tape recorder.

    If available, information from text files contained in the original level archives has been added as title messages to list the authors of the levels or provide other useful information about those sets.

    Most of the level sets in this collection come with a complete set of solution tapes to prove that (and show how) these levels can be solved, if you should be stuck at a tricky level.

    Download available as zip archive and 7z archive.

Special Feature: The level collection of “R’n’D jue”

  • “Sobigo” (51 puzzle levels, created in 2006-2007)
    “R&D Puzznic” (65 puzzle levels, created in 2004-2007)
    “Edit Inside” (one-level set “special”, created in 2006)
    “Puzzle Mix” (61 classic levels, created in 2005)
    “R&D West” (10 action levels, created in 2004-2005)
    “Game Inside” (one-level set “special”, created in 2003)
    “Bug Machine” (one-level set puzzle, created in 2003)
    “J1 Edition” (41 classic levels, created in 2002)

    Mind-boggling puzzles, action and fun from Jürgen Bonhagen.
    Screenshots, Documentation and Download

Special Features: Completely different games in one single level

  • “Zelda II” (one-level set) – a total remake of “Zelda”
    Another great “Legend Of Zelda” style game from Alan Bond:

    • 1 world in 1 level
    • 185 highly detailed rooms in 9 zones
    • 10 weapons which you can cycle between
    • 32 enemies
    • 14 adventure objects and 9 adventure “blockers” (like rivers)
    • 8 keys and doors
    • 8 quest objects
    • 10 game tunes which change when you enter different zones
    • 30 people to talk to or signboards to read
    • 16 other objects that talk
    • 80 text messages (nearly 2000 words)
    • 23 actions for Link in 4 directions
    • custom shooting system
    • working health system in true RPG fashion
    • zoned items
    • “bouncy” combat – knock enemies back by shooting them
    • a zone which is one large puzzle
    • health, items, weapon, ammo etc. all displayed in the side panel
    • about 3 hours game play (possible to play in 90 minutes)
    • an “epic” ending


  • “Zelda” (one-level set)
    A great “Legend Of Zelda” style game from Alan Bond:

    • 1 world in 1 level
    • 200+ rooms in 7 zones
    • 100 different enemies
    • 10 weapons
    • 8 “adventure” related objects
    • 18 major room shapes
    • 8 unique landmarks
    • 12 additional overlapping room shapes (including rivers)
    • a unique wall tile for every room
    • lots of ambient background sounds that don’t irritate :-)
    • health system, bonus health, and coin based health bonuses
    • perfect combat system, enemies die when you shoot them
    • about 2 hours game play (possible to play in 40 minutes)
    • a cool ending


Level collections with many great classic level sets

  • “Emerald Mine Club” (50962 levels in 576 level sets)

    This classic level collection is a historical resource that should contain all existing Emerald Mine Club levels known to mankind. Created by Emerald Mine players all around the world in the 80’s and 90’s of the last century, then collected and distributed by the Emerald Mine Fan Clubs of Holland, England and Australia.

    Most sets contain the original Amiga sounds and graphics (ECS and/or AGA format – if both, select preferred graphic type from graphics setup menu). Most sets also contain the original title screens of the corresponding EMC disk.

    (Explicit content warning: Approximately 1% of these level sets contain text and graphics that may offend you. If you don’t like Manga style illustrations or strange humor or if you are offended by images of human beings without clothing, please do not use this archive.)

    Download available only as 7z archive (20 MB).
    No zip version of this file available (would be over 50 MB)!
    (To extract 7z archives, see www.7-zip.org.)

  • “Sokoban” (764 levels in 7 level sets)

    Download available as zip archive and 7z archive.

Additional levels contributed by other players

  • “Contributions 1995 - 2006” (2712 levels in 78 level sets)

    Download available as zip archive and 7z archive.

Great add-on level sets with new, different artwork

  • “Snake Bite” (70 levels)

    Awesome action puzzles by Alan Bond and Jürgen Bonhagen.

    Game design, main artwork and 30 levels by Alan Bond.

    Additional artwork and 40 levels by Jürgen Bonhagen.

    Documentation, Download

  • “BD2K3” (43 levels)

    A great Boulder Dash 2003 revival game from Alan Bond.

    Documentation, Download

  • “Walpurgis World” (30 modern-style levels)
    “Earth Shaker” (32 Earth Shaker style levels)
    “Earth Shaker Explosions” (32 Earth Shaker style levels)
    “Walpurgis Flashbacks” (100 traditional-style levels)
    “Walpurgis Gardens” (50 modern-style levels)

    Five action-packed custom element level sets by Jamie Cullen.

    Screenshots and Download

  • “AB Levelset 1” (85 levels)
    “AB Levelset 2” (53 levels, based on “City Mining”)
    “AB Levelset 3” (26 levels)
    “AB Levelset 4” (17 levels)

    Four inventive level sets by Andreas Buschbeck.

    Screenshots and Download

  • “Might of Elementals” (22 levels)
    “Earth 3120” (14 levels)
    “World of Amoeba” (10 levels)
    “The rebellion of the Spaceship” (13 levels)
    “Enhanced Emerald Mine 01 + 02” (23 + 14 levels)

    Very nice level sets by Richard Kleber.

    Screenshots and Download

  • “BD Dream” (102 levels)

    Great level set with a nostalgic atmosphere by Martijn Mooij.


Level sets converted from other games