Special edition "R'n'D jue II" updated!

An update for the “R’n’D jue II” special edition is available to address stability issues with the previous version when running on Windows. Due to heavy use of custom artwork in “R’n’D jue II” (graphics and animations in HD resolution plus a lot of sounds and music), it was possible to run out of memory (especially when also using game engine snapshots, which also use quiet some memory). This could happen even with lots of RAM installed, as the Windows version of the game used a 32-bit executable so far, which can only use a limited amount of the possibly very large amount of overall memory.

This problem has now been solved by compiling a 64-bit executable for the Windows platform, therefore making better use of the available memory.

In addition, this update also includes some minor corrections and bug fixes.

The updated Windows version of “R’n’D jue II” can now be downloaded from Jürgen Bonhagen’s web site in English and in German!

Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

This bugfix release mainly fixes a nasty packaging bug of the Windows installer version that breaks the start menu entry and the desktop icon.

Besides this, the following bug was fixed:

  • fixed bug in editor with group elements using graphic of other element

Now available on the download page!

Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

Happy new year! The new year brings a new feature release which is mainly useful for players of the Android version, as it adds support for Android 10 and new overlay touch buttons for the most frequently used game buttons. The new version also adds a few other new features and bug fixes.

Android version:

  • added support for Android 9 and 10
  • fixed potential crash bug in Android version when rotating device
  • added overlay touch buttons for door request dialog
  • added overlay touch buttons for in-game “stop” and “pause” buttons
  • added overlay touch buttons for virtual buttons configuration
  • added showing overlay touch buttons only if touch screen is really used
  • added Android project files to build Android version

Global animations:

  • added using new screen fading option “.auto_delay_unit” to use video frames
  • fixed handling global animation click events

Level editor:

  • added support for undo/redo using Ctrl-z/Ctrl-Shift-z in level editor

Bug fixes:

  • fixed crash bug when loading graphics sets with bad animation definitions
  • fixed bug in editor with custom elements using graphic of other element
  • fixed sporadic problems when playing MP3 files on Windows

Now available on the download page!

Special edition "R'n'D jue II" released!

Twelve years after the initial release of the “R’n’D jue” special edition (and nine years after the last update), Jürgen Bonhagen proudly presents “R’n’D jue II”, which has been completely rebuild and redesigned, with lots of stunning new features!

The new HD screen resolution, together with completely redesigned graphics (including double-sized game graphics), is probably the most striking new feature.

The menu screens of R’n’D jue II have been filled with lots of new content and animations, an integrated help system, interactive switches for various new functionality and much more!

The integrated level editor has been completely redesigned, and lots of new levels with puzzle challenges are waiting to be solved.

R’n’D jue II and Rocks’n’Diamonds can be installed side by side, which makes it easy to play different kind of level sets in a different graphical environment!

R’n’D jue II for Windows, Mac and Linux is now available for download from Jürgen Bonhagen’s web site in English and in German! You can also find more screenshots and game videos there!

Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

A new feature release is available which contains changes that are mainly useful for creating global animations with some more actions and events, but which also add some other features and bug fixes:

Global animations:

  • added support for handling multiple event definitions for global animations
  • added support for several new event types that can trigger global animations (“init”, “start”, “end” and “post” to trigger new animations when other animations are initialized using init delay, started, ended or when an animation’s post delay ends)
  • added global animation event “unclick:any” to handle mouse release events
  • added global animation class “pointer” for animation at mouse position
  • added global animation actions executed after init/anim/post delay

Touch devices:

  • added detecting use of touch device for user input on current platform
  • added cycling through all zoom tilesizes in editor when using touch device

Bug fixes:

  • fixed some bugs with drag-and-drop support for level set zip files
  • fixed level editor copy/paste using Ctrl-c/v for custom/group/DF elements
  • fixed level sketch copy/paste via clipboard on Windows
  • lots of other bugs fixed in this release (see Git commit messages)

Now available on the download page!