Welcome to BD2K3
A total conversion for the brilliant Rocks & Diamonds By Holger Schemel.
All Graphics, levels and music by Alan Bond.
Already the richest ant (?) in history, Rockford decides his spelunking days are over....after just one more cave...18 years pass and he still hasn't returned. By right of passage Rockford Junior must now continue the (unhealthily greedy) search for more diamonds! .....oh, and find his dad!

Help him through all 30 mind boggling caves...

Here is a list of some elements that have only be changed graphically. Thare are many more not listed here!
Rockford the hero!
Boulder (BD Style)
Boulder (EM Style)
Diamond (BD Style)
Emerald (EM Style, 4 colours)
Evening Star (was pearl)
Steel Emerald (was nut)
Amoeba (all styles)
Firefly (flashback style)
Ladybird (was Spaceship)
Beetle (was Bug)
UFO (was Satellite)
Dark Yamyam
Evil-Rockford (was Pig)
Skull (was Robot, can be multimove type)
Skull Siren (was Robot Wheel)
Cave Information (was Envelope)
Extra Time
Bionic Legs (Speed up)
Air bubble sheild (For Outer Space)
Rotating Blades Sheild
Bombs (was Dynamite)
Unsafe Bomb (was bomb)
Slip Proof Bomb (was DX bomb)
Nuke (was Dynabomb)
Nuke Increase Size
Nuke Increase Power
Balloon Controler
Steel Ball (was Spring)
Radar (was light switch)
Radar Walls (3 types)
Steel wall (plus 40 beveled, round etc)
Sand stone
Magic wall (BD & EM Style)
Lava (was Acid)
Booby trap wall (was Black Orb)
One way pipe (and other types)
Normal Pipes (and other types)
Locked door
Conveyor belt
Switchgate switch
Timegate switch
And here are some new elements.... not all of them ;)
Iced Emerald (was wall, see new)
Conveyor belt switch
Trapwall. Has a switch, will change to space if triggered. All trapwalls make a "spring" sound when activated.
Invisible Trapwall. An invisible passable trap with switch. Turns to empty space when triggered, So it only blocks enemys and boulders.
Change Element Trap & Switch. Can turn anything into anything else! The switch can also be anything, so beware!
Pushwall. A push! All magic and pushwalls are slightly lighter than sandstone.
Moving Crusher. Slow but deadly if caught by it. Moves up-down or left-right. You can roll a boulder along with the left-right type.
Lightwalls. Are totally black until you approch them, and they fade in....
Light Emeralds. Like the Lightwalls and are usually found near them (you hope)
Ice. Acts like a wall, can melt after a while.
Somthing In Ice. There are 30 possible ice objects, diamonds, boulders, keys, and even Rockford's enemys. Blow up the ice to free it. Also melts.
Green Laserfence. Blocks your way, can kill if walked into. Deactivated (turns to space) with the Green Laserfence switch.
Green Laserfence switch. All moving objects may pass a deactivated Green Laserfence. Can not be switched back on.
Red Laserfence. Red Laserfences switch on/off. Do NOT be where the laser is, when switching it on :) If there is a off and a on, they swap.
Red Laserfence Switch. You guessed it!, changes Red Laserfences. Can be activated 3 ways... pushed, smashed or bombed.
Blue Laserfence. Has no switch, but turns off and on every second......time those runs!
Purple Laserfence. Has no switch. Moves fast, but always starts in the same place. Easy running away from, tricky running towards!
Remote Bomb Controller. Explodes all Remote Bombs and some trick walls. One chance only.
Remote Bomb. Explodes with above switch. Can be pushed in all directions, and is safe from impacts.
Remote Exploding Wall. Explodes with above switch and looks like a wall :)
Pressure Bomb. This bomb falls, but is safe. It only explodes when hit from above.
Cannon. Shoots Cannon Balls every second, do NOT stand in front of one :) Some Cannons could start deactivated or blocked, some deactivated cannons may be pushed and need an impact to shoot.
Cannon Ball. Explodes on impact........Avoid!
Laser Turret. Moves L-R or U-D, and shoots a laser every second... You can sometimes control Laser Turrets, via a control panel.
Laser Bullet. Shot from the Turret... Due to the heat of this projectile, you can't even stand next to it! (unlike the Cannon Ball)
Fire. Try running into it if your bored ;) If present in an ice level, indicates the ice will melt soon.
Generator. Can churn out 100's of enemys, boulders, diamonds or anything! There can be 3 different Generators types per level.
Battery. Push it into a deactivated Generator to enable it. If your lucky you can guess what the Generator will produce, check the surroundings for clues first!
Beachball. Bounces and can get in the way. Can be stopped by pushing down on it. In a stopped state can be pushed. Rockford likes to headball these!
Shy Emerald. Does not want to be collected, and will try to avoid Rockford! Spins faster than a normal Emerald.
Ominous Switch. Can do anything! All new switchs can be activated by pressing, smashing and exploding!
Puzzle Door Piece. 4 types, pushable in all directions, Push it into the right Puzzle Door to proceed.
Puzzle Door Empty. Can't be passed (Rockford would fall down the hole!) Needs a Puzzle Door Piece.
Puzzle Door Solved. With a puzzle piece in the hole, Rockford can now walk over it.
Playing tips.

Nearly all the levels don't have a time limit, so don't panic!

There are no bizarre elements in BD2K3 (sometimes strange, but not unsolvable). If a trap is sprung you are notified. Look out for clues like stop signs and out of place walls. Exclamation mark signs always mean trouble ahead!

Rockford speaks now (well as good as an ant can speak), so listen to him, he has a good nose for smelling traps!

If you are a few diamonds short at the end of a level, then you probably already know why :)

Pressing up and right will make Rockford move in a perfect diagonal (unlike the old Boulderdash), This can mean life or death if you are being pursued through a diagonal maze!
All graphics were done in 3D Studio Max 3, Poser 4 and Paintshop Pro 7.
Wav music done in Cakewalk 6 with soundfonts, Midi also in Cakewalk..quality for midi depends on you soundcard.
Most of the sound FX are PD but were tweaked with Cooledit.

Please feel free to use BD2K3 graphics, elements and sounds in your own levels, but don't use an empty BD2K3 level, use the template provided, as elements change through my levels. Some things where added later and are not present in the early caves!
Have Fun!
Siren. Somthing pretty bad is happening if this is on!
Turnstile. Only passable in a L direction. Can be rotated with the Turnstile switch......
Turnstile Switch. Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise types.
Outer Space....Grab an Air Bubble if you want to explore it.
Rocks & Diamonds
(C) 1995-2003 Holger Schemel
Alan Bond