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2016-06-23 · Rocks'n'Diamonds Release Candidate 3 released!

The third release candidate for the upcoming new version contains some more changes and bugfixes.
Please see the Download section for the new pre-release version.

2016-05-02 · Rocks'n'Diamonds Release Candidate 2 released!

The second release candidate for the upcoming new version contains a number of changes to fix most of the bugs in the first release candidate that were reported in the forum.
Please see the Download section for the new pre-release version.

2016-04-15 · Rocks'n'Diamonds Release Candidate 1 released!

After nearly 2½ years, it's time for a new release version!
Before the final version with lots of changes will be released, here's the first release candidate as a preview and to allow some more time for fine-tuning and debugging.
The most obvious improvement of R'n'D version 4 is support for SDL2 (while it still is compatible with the older version SDL 1.2). SDL2 adds support for improved fullscreen mode, window scaling and, most important, Android and iOS support. While Android is supported directly, an iOS version for iPad/iPhone was ported and made available by Les Bird in the App Store.
Most of the other improvements are related to a higher flexibility in custom graphics, like custom window size, different sizes and locations for the playfield, game panel and tape area, and different sizes of custom graphics for game elements (other than 32x32).
Now available from the Download section!

2014-09-17 · Rocks'n'Diamonds development source code available now!

The latest development version of the Rocks'n'Diamonds source code is finally available via Git:
Check out some of the new features of the next release version:
- SDL2 support, including window scaling and improved fullscreen mode
- support of all image, sound and music formats supported by SDL_image and SDL_mixer
- support of different sizes and locations of playfield, game panel and tape area
- support of different sizes of custom graphics for game elements (other than 32x32)
- experimental Android version (some Makefiles still missing in repository though)
Always available from the Download section now!

2013-11-24 · Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

This release is mainly a bugfix release which contains the following changes:
- fixed bug that prevents running the game on Mac OS X "Mavericks"
- improved behaviour on restart after failing on a broken level set
- improved general error handling with reference to error message file
Now available from the Download section!

2013-11-04 · Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

This minor update adds volume controls for simple sounds, sound loops and music to the sound setup (which can be useful if your system does not have sound controls for individual applications or if you want to quiet down that annoying yam-yam noise in certain levels, while keeping music and other sounds at normal volume).
For those who want to recompile the game after fiddling around with the artwork configuration source code files, the package now also contains the required Perl script that rebuilds the element and artwork definition header files.
Now available from the Download section!

2013-10-23 · Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

Even though the last version of Rocks'n'Diamonds was released more than three years ago, this new version does not contain that many changes. The most interesting feature for Mac users is probably that R'n'D finally supports newer Macs (with "newer" as in "not historic"). So if you have a Mac with Mac OS X "Lion", "Mountain Lion" or "Mavericks", Rocks'n'Diamonds will finally run on your system.
Most important changes since last release version
- added native package for Macs with intel CPUs
- added support for compiling on 64-bit systems
- added alternative game mode for playing with half size playfield tiles
- added level selection screen (when clicking on main menu level number)
- added displaying if level was played or solved on level selection screen
- improved graphics performance for scrolling in Mac OS X version
- improved graphics performance for native Supaplex game engine
- improved single step mode in R'n'D, EM and SP engines
- fixed two game engine bugs in Supaplex game engine
- fixed displaying wrong Supaplex time (was running too fast before)
- fixed invisible text in envelope config in level editor
For details, see the ChangeLog file (also included in the package).
Now available from the Download section!

2013-10-09 · Rocks'n'Diamonds Web Forum reopened

After a very long downtime, the Rocks'n'Diamonds Web Forum is open again.
Some more details about the downtime (and how to access your already existing forum account again) are available from this post from the forum's Announcements section.

2010-06-15 · Minor update of Emerald Mine Club level collection

This is a minor update of the Emerald Mine Club level collection that fixes a small graphical bug with exit doors and slightly improves a few graphics for menu navigation.
The updated level collection package is available here or at the "Levels & Artwork" section!

2010-06-08 · Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

This is a minor update to add a little feature that was requested to better support creating tool-assisted speedrun (TAS) tapes for R'n'D levels: It adds configurable key shortcuts for combined snap and direction player actions that can be executed in one single game frame (which is possible, but difficult and error-prone with the existing, separate snap and direction keys).
Now available from the Download section!

2010-05-25 · Special edition "R'n'D jue" version released!

After the update of Rocks'n'Diamonds to version, "R'n'D jue" is now also updated to the same latest version of the game engine -- but this is not the only change: This brand new version of "R'n'D jue" contains a great new Sokoban level collection with 1000 hand-selected levels in 19 level sets, created by 6 different authors, ranging in difficulty from easy to medium, with no level having more than six boxes, therefore being well-suited also for beginners and makes it the perfect casual game to play after lunch! :-) As an additional stunning new feature, the new Sokoban set also offers several different graphical skins that can be selected and changed at any time while playing the game!
More information and download links can be found here:

2010-05-25 · Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

This version finally contains the new native Supaplex game engine to play all original Supaplex levels exactly as they played in the classic game. This new game engine is fully compatible with the original game, including all recorded demos as well as all tricks and bugs of the original game engine. It is based on the engine code of the game Megaplex, which itself is an exact clone of Supaplex, but the game engine in R'n'D is a bit more compatible than Megaplex regarding special levels that use dirty memory tricks that only worked in the original DOS version of Supaplex so far.
Most important changes since last release version
- added native Supaplex game engine
- added support for native Supaplex levels in MPX level file format
- added support for native Sokoban levels in XSB level file format
- added saving read-only levels from editor into personal level set
- added configurable key shortcuts for the tape recorder buttons
- fixed potential crash bug in quickload and quicksave functionality
- fixed some bugs with single step mode (and added it to native engines)
For details, see the ChangeLog file (also included in the package).
Now available from the Download section!

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