Rocks & Diamonds Level Sets

For use in the game Rocks & Diamonds, versions 3.0.8 or above.


Level Sets
Walpurgis Gardens
Screenshot50 Modern-style Levels - Download File

A full adventure with all new graphics, sounds and elements. Cogs, chickens, 16 ton weights, explosives and more await.

File Size: 803KB zipped
: Complete.
Uploaded: 18th May 2004

Walpurgis Flashbacks
Screenshot 100 Traditional-style Levels - Download File

A straightforward selection of medium difficulty levels with no fancy modern guff. One or two players.

File Size: 35KB zipped
Status: Complete
Last Updated: v1.3, 7th April 2004

Earth Shaker Explosions

Screenshot32 Earth Shaker Levels - Download File

Earth Shaker was a game for the Spectrum from 1990 written by Michael Batty. This a new, difficult set of levels based on it.

File Size: 312KB zipped
Status: Complete
Last Updated: v1.1, 22nd March 2004

Earth Shaker
(old set B)

Screenshot32 Earth Shaker Levels - Download File

This is a fairly difficult level set designed for Earth Shaker in 1995 and tweaked in 2004 for use in Rocks & Diamonds.

File Size: 296KB zipped.
Last Updated: v1.2, 22nd March 2004

Walpurgis World

Screenshot30 Modern-style Levels - Download File

The adventures of a laboratory assistant...with many custom elements and some extra graphics. Includes solution tapes.

File Size: 196KB zipped.
Status: Complete
Last Updated: v1.0, 16th Feb 2004


Latest update: 18th May 2004.