Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

This is a minor release version which contains the following changes:

  • improved Mirror Magic graphics engine to support more custom graphics
  • added new animations for some game elements in Mirror Magic game engine
  • added customizability of gray ball content for Mirror Magic game engine
  • added support for text envelope elements for the Mirror Magic game engine
  • added support for “stacked” global animations
  • fixed a lot of bugs and problems in the Mirror Magic game engine
  • fixed bug with broken graphics when pushing elements into explosions
  • fixed potential crash bug when running in headless mode
  • fixed regression bug with growing steel wall turning into normal wall
  • fixed bug with not scaling images despite using option “.scale_up_factor”
  • changed logging to write to one single log file “rocksndiamonds.log”

Get the new version from the download page!

Mirror Magic 3.1.0 released!

This new minor release version of Mirror Magic mainly contains the following additions and changes:

  • high score server support – see all your scores and those of others
  • multiple player names – separate scores and progress for each familiy member
  • improved graphics with Amiga-style color-cycling graphic animations
  • includes original title screen and title music
  • includes original title story from 1989, accessible from main menu
  • the game is also available to be played directly in the web browser now

The new game version is available on the Mirror Magic page!

And again, happy christmas holidays with lots of snow! :-)

Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

Another new minor release version is available with a few new features:

  • added optional main menu button to directly show level set info
  • added new, topic-related headlines for info screens
  • added support for separate sound and music for info sub-screens
  • added third tutorial level set “ncrtorial” by ncrecc
  • improved some game element graphics in the level editor
  • fixed some bugs

Get the new version from the download page!

Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

This new minor release version contains several smaller additions, changes and bug fixes:

  • added showing score even if not added to local score file
  • added CSS to fill browser window for Emscripten (browser) platform
  • added support for “Home” and “End” keys to text gadgets
  • added using setup option for displaying overlay touch buttons
  • added level info config option to disable time limit for all levels
  • added asking for uploading remaining tapes when enabling score server
  • added alpha channel for anti-aliasing to element collecting image
  • added command line option to select display to open program window on
  • added resizing window instead of recreating it on window size changes
  • added new animation mode “.global_anim_sync” for game element graphics
  • added support for custom graphics for many elements of MM game engine
  • added project files for Windows and Mac platforms
  • added quality improved sound and music samples
  • added support for multiple pages (files) for level set info
  • added drawing sparkles when laser hits mirrors for MM engine
  • added pausing tape after replaying not only for warp mode
  • added setup option to continue recording after replaying tape
  • fixed bug with leaving scores screen on Android platform
  • fixed continuing from hall of fame after playing on Android platform
  • fixed bug with broken text area content when editing envelope text
  • fixed synchronization problem when configuring game controller
  • fixed synchronization problem when configuring keyboard
  • fixed bug when using different normal and deadly shield time
  • fixed crash bugs when accessing invalid data in broken level files
  • fixed code issues found by Cppcheck (static C/C++ code analysis tool)
  • fixed code issues found by Clang with option “-fsanitize=undefined”
  • fixed code issues found by GCC with option “-Wextra”
  • fixed some bugs with tape handling

The new version is available on the download page!

Have a wonderful christmas time! :-)

R'n'D jue 2022 games collection released!

Three years to the day after the release of the special edition “R’n’D jue II” in 2019, Jürgen Bonhagen presents “R’n’D jue 2022”, which is not a single game or level collection, but a collection of five independent stand-alone games based on the R’n’D game engine, but using completely different artwork, new game concepts, and some of them even totally new game mechanics, which are not played with a game controller or keyboard, but with the mouse or touch input!

R’n’D jue Pipeline

One of the absolute highlights of this new games collection is undoubtedly the game “Pipeline”, a great puzzle game that can be played completely using only the mouse or, on touch screens, your fingers! (In fact, an Android version that can perfectly be played on a tablet will be available soon).

The goal of the game is to connect individual pieces of pipe to form a continuous pipe from a source to a destination field. But that’s not all by far – there is a whole series of different obstacles to overcome on the way to each level’s solution!

This game features three level sets: A tutorial level set with 14 levels to learn the game elements and new mechanics, the main game with 100 levels, divided into three parts with increasing difficulty, and a special “pure” level set, with 25 levels using only the most basic game elements.

To learn the game mechanics, a dedicated online manual with screenshots and videos is available for this new game!

R’n’D jue Puzznic

The second highlight of the collection is a completely revised variant of the already known game “Puzznic”, that was also part of “R’n’D jue II”, but that is completely re-invented using only mouse click mechanics to play the levels.

To solve a level, connect two or more “Puzznic” elements to make them disappear until no elements are left on the playfield. What sounds simple at first is a fascinating challenge in 100 levels.

R’n’D jue Sokoban

This is the third highlight of the collection, containing the completely new “Sokoplus”, which takes the familiar gameplay of Sokoban to a whole new experience by adding a number of new game elements, creating a challenging new game of its own.

A total of 60 brand new levels is waiting for you, divided into 10 tutorial levels that introduce the new game elements and uncomplicated rules, followed by 50 more challenging levels for hours of fun!

R’n’D jue BD/EM

Another game in this collection is dedicated to fans of classic Boulder Dash and Emerald Mine, but with a modern look and new levels. Many of the 175 levels of this game were part of previous versions of “R’n’D jue”, but are remixed here with lots of newly designed levels that are divided into two level sets, a first one with 100 levels of moderate difficulty, and a second set of 75 levels for those who like more tricky challenges.

R’n’D jue II

A “final version” of this well-known game is included in the collection for all those who like to use Jürgen Bonhagen game artwork to play a lot of hand-picked level sets from Boulder Dash, Emerald Mine, Sokoban, the R’n’D contributions and, not to forget, Jürgen Bonhagen’s own level sets!

Screenshots, Videos, Documentation and Downloads

The whole new R’n’D jue 2022 games collection with downloads for Windows, Mac, and Linux plus a lot of screenshots, videos and game documentation is now available from Jürgen Bonhagen’s web site, both in English and in German!

Download packages for Android, which are especially desirable for the new games “Pipeline” and “Puzznic”, will be available soon!