Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

This patch release contains the following bug fixes and additions:

  • fixed using wall tiles as gray ball content elements in MM engine
  • fixed handling laser on certain element combinations in MM engine
  • fixed asking to play again in case of tape replaying in MM engine
  • fixed rotating MM game elements in editor with pressed Shift key
  • fixed bug with rotating elements twice in editor with pressed Shift key
  • fixed bug with wind not working in R’n’D levels using EM engine
  • fixed some bugs related to in-game music not configured in config file
  • fixed bug with scaled down background bitmaps
  • fixed playing “game.losing” sound effect (and deactivated it by default)
  • fixed loop mode for some sound effects
  • added animation for activated (opening) gray ball in MM engine
  • added option to explode gray ball instead of melting for MM engine
  • added remembering if last level set was selected from “last played” menu
  • added dirty workaround to erase text if input gadget font has draw offset
  • added game over messages for Deflektor style levels in MM game engine
  • increased number of level sets in the “last played” menu to 100

The new release is available from the download page!