Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

This new minor release version contains several smaller additions, changes and bug fixes:

  • added showing score even if not added to local score file
  • added CSS to fill browser window for Emscripten (browser) platform
  • added support for “Home” and “End” keys to text gadgets
  • added using setup option for displaying overlay touch buttons
  • added level info config option to disable time limit for all levels
  • added asking for uploading remaining tapes when enabling score server
  • added alpha channel for anti-aliasing to element collecting image
  • added command line option to select display to open program window on
  • added resizing window instead of recreating it on window size changes
  • added new animation mode “.global_anim_sync” for game element graphics
  • added support for custom graphics for many elements of MM game engine
  • added project files for Windows and Mac platforms
  • added quality improved sound and music samples
  • added support for multiple pages (files) for level set info
  • added drawing sparkles when laser hits mirrors for MM engine
  • added pausing tape after replaying not only for warp mode
  • added setup option to continue recording after replaying tape
  • fixed bug with leaving scores screen on Android platform
  • fixed continuing from hall of fame after playing on Android platform
  • fixed bug with broken text area content when editing envelope text
  • fixed synchronization problem when configuring game controller
  • fixed synchronization problem when configuring keyboard
  • fixed bug when using different normal and deadly shield time
  • fixed crash bugs when accessing invalid data in broken level files
  • fixed code issues found by Cppcheck (static C/C++ code analysis tool)
  • fixed code issues found by Clang with option “-fsanitize=undefined”
  • fixed code issues found by GCC with option “-Wextra”
  • fixed some bugs with tape handling

The new version is available on the download page!

Have a wonderful christmas time! :-)