Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

The most important feature of this new release version is a new screen in the “Hall of Fame” that shows some more details for each score entry, together with the possibility to replay the tapes for each score, which are loaded from the score server.

Besides this feature, the new version contains the following additions, changes and bug fixes:

  • added key shortcuts to restart and replay/resume (before end) the game
  • added music support for the browser version of the game
  • added setup option to start game in pause mode
  • added support for background images for loading screens
  • added forward and backward cursor key navigation to all info screens
  • added reading credits and program info from external text files
  • added support for opening URLs for global animation event actions
  • added “levelinfo.conf” options to rename levels with title “nameless level”
  • fixed crash bug for some graphics configurations with global border
  • fixed graphical bug when player enters exit using ultra-fast speed
  • changed high score screen to show only non-empty score entries
  • removed reloading artwork set for changed level set if not required

The new version is available on the download page!

I wish you all a Happy Easter! :-)