Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

This is a patch release which improves robustness of tape uploads to the new high score server, which is especially useful if you have a huge amount of tapes and experience problems when uploading them, which resulted in trying to upload every tape again (even those that were already uploaded successfully). This version keeps track of already uploaded tapes and only uploads the remaining tapes after an interruption.

In addition, any tapes that are not uploaded later after solving a level (for example, if you are playing offline in a plane, or if you have temporarily disabled use of the high score server) are marked for upload now, and you are asked to upload these missing tapes later. In such cases, you can also upload missing tapes from the setup menu whenever you like.

By the way: Since the release of version and the high score server last week, there are already over 60’000 score entries for over 700 level sets available on the server now!

Get the new version from the download page!