Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

A new feature release is available which contains the following changes:

Multi-player games (team mode and network games):

  • improved support for network multi-player games (plus lots of bugfixes)
  • network games can now be fully configured by using setup menu settings
  • when playing network games, the level to be played is now sent to all clients
  • added UDP broadcast to auto-detect network server in local network
  • multi-player levels now marked in main menu preview with network or team mode
  • fixed team mode games in R’n’D game engine (all players have to enter an exit)
  • added player option in level editor to let the first player solve the level

Virtual buttons on touch devices:

  • improved support for highly configurable virtual buttons on touch devices
  • options for transparency, grid size, highlighted and outlined virtual buttons
  • separately configurable virtual buttons for portrait and landscape mode


  • ultra-smooth scrolling using vertical sync (vsync) on supported devices

Game settings:

  • added setup option to directly play the next level after solving a level
  • added setup option to skip displaying the high scores after solving a level
  • added setup option to use extended list for game speed selection

Global animations:

  • added event actions (key events and screen buttons) to global animations
  • this allows for simulating key or button events when animations are clicked
  • added “passthrough” option to click several overlapping global animations

Other changes:

  • fixed bug with dragon fire destroying indestructible steel letter walls
  • fixed various other bugs (and probably added some new)

Now available on the download page!