Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

After more than one year of work, a new major release of Rocks’n’Diamonds is finally available! The most significant improvement is the integration of the Mirror Magic game engine.

While the new game engine itself might not be the most awaited change, it is complemented by some additional functionality that makes it easily possible to create your own stand-alone games from your level sets. This is demonstrated by the release of the new version of Mirror Magic, which is in fact a customized version of Rocks’n’Diamonds with different levels and changed default artwork (also see the following news post).

Another new feature is the new configuration tab “level set” on the level configuration page of the built-in level editor, which makes it extremely easy to create new level sets, but also to update the level set title, the level set author name or the number of levels for existing level sets, all directly from within the level editor.

Besides that, there are the following new features:

  • added various additional customization options to create your own games
  • added showing/hiding game element sections in the level editor depending on the selected game engine
  • added doing ‘redo’ by pressing ‘undo’ button with Ctrl or Shift key in the level editor
  • added new automatically saved config file for the selected zoom tile size in the level editor
  • moved level property ‘initial wind direction’ to balloon elements in editor
  • fixed various bugs (and probably added some new ones)

Important update for Windows users (2018-04-11): The original game packages for Windows contained a wrong executable that does not include a fix for a bug in the Mirror Magic game engine. The Windows packages have been fixed and can be downloaded again.

Now available for download!