Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

After three long years (and right in time for Christmas), there’s finally a new major release version of Rocks’n’Diamonds available with a lot of new features and changes!

The most important improvement is support for SDL 2.0, which adds better fullscreen support, window scaling and finally support for Android and iOS. (SDL 1.2 is still supported, but does not contain these features, of course.)

Besides SDL 2.0 support, there are many other new features, especially a lot of additional possibilities for creating custom artwork for new level sets and games:

  • different game window sizes
  • different sizes and locations of playfield, game panel and tape area
  • all image, sound and music formats supported by SDL_image and SDL_mixer
  • larger tile sizes for game elements graphics, like 64x64
  • custom default configuration settings to create your own games
  • extended menu and toon animations with various new possibilities

Now available for download!

And not to forget: Merry Christmas to all fans of Rocks’n’Diamonds! :-)