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This documentation is composed by the following files:

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - which gives a short answer for each of the most frequently asked questions and gives links to parts of this documentation for deeper insight.

The Program Manual - which introduces the program and explains all of its options and settings. There you will find also: gameplay information (default keys and shortcuts), how to install the program, how to install levelsets.

The Elements Reference - which describes in detail all the standard elements that can be found in a Rocks'n'Diamonds' level (this includes all the elements that appear in  BoulderDash, DX-BoulderDash, Emerald Mines, Emerald Mines Club, Sokoban and Supaplex).

The Editor Tutorial - which describes the interface of the Level Editor and all of its drawing tools. There you will be guided through the level creation process, starting from a simple map that uses only a couple of YamYams. The tutorial then goes on explaining how to create more and more complex Custom Elements, along with some map examples for their use.

About Rocks'n'Diamonds

Rocks'n'Diamonds has been created by Holger Schemel, from Artsoft Entertainment.

The program is currently being developed and supported by its creator. The source code, released under the GNU General Public License, invites anyone of you to contribute to its own growth.

The current source contributions include:

We sincerely hope to increase this list thanks to your help.

This documentation is being written and maintained by Francesco S. Carta. Your comments, questions and suggestions are welcome.

Update Log

December the 11th, 2006

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December the 9th, 2006

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December the 4th, 2006

. Release of the first draft of this documentation.

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