Sokoban level collection released!

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Sokoban level collection released!

Post by Holger » Wed Mar 01, 2006 12:46 am

Although Rocks'n'Diamonds can play Sokoban style levels, there was only the classic Sokoban level set available in the "Classic Original Games" section. Thanks to the work of Dorothee Ebner, there is now a new level collection available for Rocks'n'Diamonds that contains only Sokoban style levels! She converted the following original Sokoban level sets to Rocks'n'Diamonds, resulting in 764 levels in 7 different level sets:

+ Mas Sasquatch (50 levels)
+ Microban (155 levels)
+ Sasquatch (50 levels)
+ Sasquatch III (50 levels)
+ Sasquatch IV (50 levels)
+ Sokomania in the Spaceship 1 (55 levels)
+ Sokomania in the Spaceship 2 (354 levels)

The "Sasquatch" and "Microban" level sets were originally created by David W. Skinner, while the two "Sokomania in the Spaceship" sets were originally created by various authors.

This new level collection package is available now at the "Levels & Artwork" section!

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