Global anim doesn't render properly in doors

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Global anim doesn't render properly in doors

Post by Eizzoux »

I wanted to do custom editor button with global anims being rendered inside the boundaries of 'door_2', but I've got an annoying problem: I coundn't find that anim and thought it just wasn't rendering at all since it draws in the zeroth position of main 'door_2', not the exclusive 'door_2.EDITOR':

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viewport.door_2.x:				0
viewport.door_2.y:				449
viewport.door_2.border_size:			0
viewport.door_2.PLAYING.align:			center
viewport.door_2.EDITOR.x:			0
viewport.door_2.EDITOR.y:			0
viewport.door_2.EDITOR.width:			80
viewport.door_2.EDITOR.height:			434
viewport.door_2.EDITOR.align:			right
global.anim_10.part_1.EDITOR.x:			0
global.anim_10.part_1.EDITOR.y:			0
global.anim_10.part_1.EDITOR.anim_event:	click
global.anim_10.part_1.EDITOR.class:		door_2
Later on, I tried to add this button to just original graphics, which has only difference in 'viewport.door_2.y' and 'viewport.door_2.height' for main and editor Door 2 viewports - in editor door_2 is 44 pixels higher in height and it's position is 44 pixels higher. So, after I added anim to editor Door 2 with 'x: 0' and 'y: 0', it actually appears 44 pixels lower

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global.anim_1.part_1.EDITOR.x:		0
global.anim_1.part_1.EDITOR.y:		0
global.anim_1.part_1.EDITOR.anim_event:	click
global.anim_1.part_1.EDITOR.class:	door_2
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Re: Global anim doesn't render properly in doors

Post by Holger »

What a nasty bug! :shock:

Just fixed it! Please see the new development executable (just uploaded). :)
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