DC3 Elements update

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DC3 Elements update

Post by Darkon »

I finally got round and sorted out quite a few of the elements on the DC3 elements pack I made ages ago, so now the light barriers, the wooden doors, the emerald doors, the skull key, the white keys, the white doors, the RC bomb, the rainbow door, a DC3 style landmine(snap to remove it) and the replicators all work.

I know theres still a few issues, such as a light barrier cross beams not continuing to spread if they were blocked off, and the replicator remaining on if you happen to press the switch at the exact moment it spawns a new item.

Tell me if you find anymore issues so I can try and fix them


I also made a level to go with it, its fully playable and should give a good idea on how to use the elements.

Note: the elements that arnt on the level have certain... issues, use them if you want to, but they need correcting.
Also, make sure you use the latest pre-release version of RnD or else some of the elements wont work.
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Post by Holger »

> I know theres still a few issues, such as [...] the replicator remaining on
> if you happen to press the switch at the exact moment it spawns a new
> item.

Although I wasn't able to try your test level so far, I think I know the cause for this behaviour -- CEs can only change exactly one time each frame. (Probably you already know this.)

The source code still contains a fix for this issue which is currently deactivated. Unfortunately I don't know exactly why... :-o

The main problem is that I must prevent CEs changes for looping endlessly. ("change A on change of B", "change B on change of A" etc.)
Currently there's only one change allowed per game frame. The currently deactivated solution is to allow only one change of a certain type for each frame. This stops endless loops, but would allow things you probably did in your set, like: "change A after delay" (to spawn new item) and "change A when switch of B" (player presses switch to deactivate replicator), which may happen in the same game frame.

Another possible fix would be to always allow player actions to cause CE changes (this cannot loop), but it doesn't help in all cases (imagine a switch which can be triggered by dropping a stone on it, which is no player action).

I think I will re-activate the "allow any number of different changes per frame" fix -- either it will work fine, or we will soon find out why I deactivated it again... ;-)

So, I could make two binaries for the next pre-release (with and without that fix), and it would be nice if you could do some tests then.

(Be warned: The whole "CE actions" stuff was changed and cleaned up a bit, so every CE setting which uses this must be checked and probably fixed. It would have been too complicated this time to add compatibility code for having also the pre-release versions work... :-/ The good thing is that also the "'+' suddenly changes to '='" issue is hopefully fixed in this version. :-) )
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