Pre-release version 3.2.0rc2 available!

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Pre-release version 3.2.0rc2 available!

Post by Holger »

I have just uploaded a new pre-release version 3.2.0-2 of the upcoming new Rocks'n'Diamonds 3.2.0; it contains the following fixes and changes:

- fixed bug which caused broken tapes when appending to EM engine tapes
- improved fallback handling when configured artwork is not available
- added move speed "not moving" for non-moving CEs, but with direction
- added setup option "skip levels" and level skipping functionality
- fixed a delay problem with SDL and too many mouse motion events
- fixed bug with moving up despite gravity due to "block last field"
- fixed small bug with "linear" animation not working for active lamp
- fixed a number of little graphical bugs

For details, see the file "ChangeLog" which I surprisingly not forgot to include this time. ;-)

Please note that this pre-release (test) version is based on the previous test version 3.2.0rc1, so you need the new files and changes from the previous pre-release archives.

ATTENTION: If you have any problems getting the pre-release version(s) to work on your computer, please stay with the current official, stable version 3.1.0 for now! The final release will be available as usual in a nice, complete archive when it's ready.

The pre-release version can be downloaded from the usual download directory: ...

As always: Have fun playing around with it, testing all changes and reporting bugs, if needed! :-)
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