Rocks'n'Diamonds available for testing

R'n'D is always evolving. Check here to see if a new version is out.

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Rocks'n'Diamonds available for testing

Post by Holger »

This will most probably be the official new version of R'n'D. Before officially releasing it on the main R'n'D site and download page, please all have a look at it to check for problems and show stoppers.

You might notice two things about the version number that seems unusual. The new version number is not 3.2.5, as this was given to R'n'D jue, which contains some additions to R'n'D version 3.2.4 (specifically needed for the R'n'D jue special edition). It's also not plain 3.2.6, as I decided to add another decimal number to the version numbering scheme to be able to release more often, with less changes from release to release, but being able to make more frequent releases of bug fixes and smaller features than before. (Another reason is that my nearly one-year-old son and a newly bought old house that needs a lot of work will keep me busy with a lot of things other than R'n'D, so new releases of R'n'D most likely won't contain that many changes than before, so the new versioning scheme will reflect this.)

It's planned to do the following with new releases: Every new release of R'n'D version A.B.C.D with a changed A, B or C will first be made available here as version A.B.C.0, so it can be reviewed and tested for the most apparent bugs. If it's fine, it will be released. If not, a fixed version A.B.C.1 will be released. Subsequent versions with bugfixes will then be released right away as versions A.B.C.2, A.B.C.3 and so on. I hope that this will result in a good combination of faster releases (especially bugfix releases) and more stable "major" releases (which contain more changes and therefore need a bit of testing before the official release is done).

For a detailed list of changes since the last release version 3.2.4, see the ChangeLog file (also included in the package):

As mentioned, the package is not yet available from the Download section, but can only be downloaded directly from the "RELEASES" directory so far (please select the package you like, for Windows/zip, Windows/setup, Linux or Mac OS X): ... ... -setup.exe ... 6.0.tar.gz ... .2.6.0.dmg

As always: Have fun playing around with it, testing all changes and reporting bugs, if needed! :-)
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