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Martijn's Boulder Dash Fan Site is a site made for fans of the Boulderdash game genre. Because the site purpose is to be of as much use to their wishes as possible, I am always open to anything you contact me about. To know even better your opinion about certain things concerning my website or Boulderdash games in general, I have created this page with opinion polls to inquire your thoughts about a particular subject. Of course, you can still always contact me, but this is easier and might take away a barrier of some people. Anyway, here it goes, and do not hesitate to answer them genuinely!

Site Redesigning

I have been contacted by someone who proposed a very attractive idea to me. His plan was to recreate my website in TWiki (see http://twiki.org). The concept is to have a website to which everyone can contribute his or her own files (such as level sets, sound files, etc.) just on his or her own. It will even be possible for you to create own special pages, like those which are there now already. This would take away a lot of work from my shoulders (since sorting out everything is an awful job!) and make it easier for you to contribute games - you can just put it on the right page yourself! Besides, it will probably even encourage people to give more of their stuff to BD-Fans and thus more of the stuff that would otherwise be lost for ever will be saved. An excellent example of this sort of site is Wikipedia (see http://www.wikipedia.org). Contrasting with this, I will build a protection so that your contributions are not published right after you have submitted them, but only when I have approved of them. This will avoid useless spamming which will otherwise spoil my site. I will of course try to get the lay-out as close as possible to the current site, but it might be a bit different. Well, let me know what you think about this idea!

Would you like to see BD-Fans turned into a site to which all fans can contribute themselves?

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Classic Game Choice

This website features clones of golden classics such as Boulder Dash and Emerald Mine. Which classic do you like best (also of the ones which have, due to lack of time, not an own page yet)?

Which classic game do you like best?

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If you know more about a certain game or if you have a new game, new levels, music or whatever, please send it to me and I will put it on this website! You can find my e-mailaddress in the menu to the left.