Greensy in the Wabe


At first sight people might wonder why this game is a commercial game. The graphics look not extremely splendid - they could actually have been used in one of the Emerald Mine Club games for the Amiga computers. Yet, after having played it for a while, its true character comes out and all prejudices are nullified. Why? Well, this game is classic! Its very flexible movements and its simple graphics contribute to an atmosphere like in those good old days.

You are welcomed with a merry tune when you start the game before you enter the main menu. But when you actually press the 'Play Game' button a real sense of nostalgia will take possession of you. Okay, it may sound a big exaggerated, but this game is actually really great, although it does not seem so at a first glance.

Greensy is his name - the queer green robot-like creature. What 'wabe' means, nobody knows. Even the author himself does not know. He suggests: 'Probably you have already combined this word from 'Alice...''. Anyway, what does it matter? You just control that guy and have to collect all diamonds and watch out for all your enemies.

As a separate program there comes a level editor with the game. With that tool you can create your own levels and send them to me to put on my site!

The full version features hundred levels instead of twenty and included Fire, Nuts and Water Balls which can be picked up. Go to the website of Ormanzhi's Software to buy the full version.


Download a trial version of Greensy in the Wabe here:

Greensy in the Wabe v1.02 (demo) The game itself (trial version).                      


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Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3


As mentioned above, it is possible to create your own levels with the level editor which comes with the game (the 'Map Editor'). When you have created such a 'level map', save it and put it in the 'Maps' folder to play it in the game. Below follows a list of downloads of level maps created by people from all over the world.

Level Map Name Number of Levels Author Description / Note
Unfortunately, there are no extra levels for Greensy in the Wabe yet. If you have created new levels, please send them to me and I will put them on this page.


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