DX-Boulderdash ('DX Diggem')


DX Boulderdash is a great PC remake of the games Boulder Dash and Emerald Mine, which were both for the Amiga. The graphics, sounds and levels are the same as in the Amiga version. The game looks really good. It has the basic Boulderdash principle: collect the given number of gems to get the exit opened and then you can leave the level by it. You dig your way and kill many kinds of enemies. Some of them have gems in them. 

Unfortunately this game is still an early alpha version which means that it's not finished. First Star Software, the owner of the Boulder Dash trademark, has taken legal actions. That's why the game development has stopped and besides, the creator of this game, Stefan Verheyen, has lost parts of the programming code. Due to the legal actions the game name was changed into 'DX Diggem' instead of 'DX-Boulderdash'. However, this version has flaws at certain points as well, because it is still not the final release of the game (which will probably never appear) but you can download it in the download section.

That's why I provide the last available version - version 0.43 alpha - here. It's very playable, though. Only some unimportant things are not available in this version (because the game was never finished for 100% but let's say for 90 %).

The game has a support for multiple sprite sets (graphic sets). It currently has 3 sprite sets (Emerald, EmeraldBIG and FruityCaves) but I'd advise to set it standard on 'Emeraldbig' because the sets 'Emerald' and 'FruityCaves' have tiny graphics. DX-Boulderdash runs in DirectX from 320x240 to 1024x768.

You can download a level editor as an extra feature. Create your own level with it, send them to me and I will provide them on this website! The level editor can import DX-Boulderdash (of course), Emerald Mine/BD4, Supaplex, Boulderoid, Amiga BD, Boulder PC, Diamond Caves II, Rocks'n'Diamonds, BoulderRush, The New Dash Dimension and C64 Boulderdash levels. It can import directly from ADF (Amiga Disk File) and D64 (C64 Disk) images and it can import directly from C64 memory dumps. That means that many levels can be converted into DX-Boulderdash levels.


Download this great game here:

DX-Boulderdash v0.43 Alpha The game itself
DX Diggem v0.45 Beta The rerelease of DX-Boulderdash under another name, due to copyright problems. This is in fact the latest DX-Boulderdash version, so you can play either DX-Diggem or keep DX-Boulderdash. I'm not sure if there are many differences, but it can still be buggy at certain points.
Changed Boulderdash1 levelset Because this levelset, which comes with the game, has C64 Boulders in it that look quite ugly and that don't have a sound, you'd better download this file, extract it into the game directory and overwrite the file 'Boulderdash1.map'.
Changed No One 1-3 levelset Changed for the same reason as Boulderdash1.
Changed No One 4-6 levelset Changed for the same reason as Boulderdash1.
DX-Boulderdash level editor v0.23 Beta The DX-Boulderdash Level Editor as described above.
DX Tools Some interesting tools: the DX Animation Editor v0.08, the EMC Graphics Import v0.2 Beta (which is unfortunately not 100 % accurate) and a sprite editor (DX Editor v0.06 Beta). The source code is included.


Click on the screenshots below to enlarge them.

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3


If you want more levels, download these levelsets below. Just extract the ZIP-files and copy them into the game directory. As you can see, I made two lists: one with levels expecially designed to be played with DX-Boulderdash and one with converted levels that were officially meant to be played in other (mostly commercial) games. In the C64 Boulderdash levelsets I have replaced the C64 Boulders by normal Rocks, because the C64 Boulders don't look very cool and because they don't have a sound. 

If you have made your own levels with the DX-Boulderdash level editor (see download section), please send them to me so I can add them to this list! I don't accept levelsets with occultic, pornographic or other offending titles. If there's anybody who knows more author names or surnames of them, please let me know and I'll update this page!

For some changed versions of some of the levelsets that come with the game, go to the download section.

Levels especially designed to be played in DX-Boulderdash

Levelset Name Number of Levels Author Description / Note
23 Martin Brentnall & Jason Brentnall Modified because of insolvability.
Mini 1 30 Manfred Tausch
Tutorial 21 R. Franzen & Steffest

Converted Levels*

Levelset Name Number of Levels Author Description / Note
Crystal Caverns 1
80 Galaxy & Bucko
Crystal Caverns 2 80 Dodo Design
Firefox Collection 1 80 Firefox
Firefox Collection 2 Unknown Firefox
Fire Mine 1 Unknown Unknown
Haunted Mine 1 Unknown Unknown
Spud Mine 1 Unknown Unknown

* Some levelsets, such as Emerald Mine 1-3, are provided with the game already (i.e. with the DX-Boulderdash version, not with the DX Diggem version). Download the game itself if you want to play them as well. Some fixed levelsets can be found in the Download section.


If you have graphics - new or improved - for this game, please send them to me and I'll put them here! Currently I only have one additional sprite set. It's called MagicP and it's the sprite set that came with version v0.42 beta, but unfortunately it didn't come with version 0.43 alpha (the newest available version on the internet and the version that is provided on this page). So download it here, extract it and copy the file into the game directory:

Graphics (set) Name Author Description / Note


Here are links to sites about DX-Boulderdash (though everything is provided here already):

If you know more about a certain game or if you have a new game, new levels, music or whatever, please send it to me and I will put it on this website! You can find my e-mailaddress in the menu to the left.