a suggestion for the editor

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a suggestion for the editor

Post by Sascha81 » Sun Jun 07, 2020 12:24 pm

That with the color sliders is unfortunately not in the editor, would be great if you could install something like that. All levels in the same color is actually boring, each level in a different color is also more fun.


^ You could do something like the link, so every level has different colors.

A color generator with a random button in the level editor would be great, so if you click on random, a new color combination of all elements would appear, all colors and color combinations would be possible.

Random does less work than the color slider, but you could do both.

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Re: a suggestion for the editor

Post by Holger » Sun Jun 07, 2020 6:23 pm

If I should ever add a native Boulder Dash engine, being able to replicate the graphical characteristics of the classic levels, including changing (or random) colors, would indeed be a great thing. :D

For something like this to work, it would be required to have specifically crafted graphics where certain colors would be affected from the choice of random colors (or for which the colors could be individually selected in the level editor).

So it is important to know that this feature is practically impossible to be implemented in a generic way (imagine being able to change the colors of the classic graphics like described above -- this would simply not work). But when having (near) classic BD graphics (which only use very few colors), this would indeed be possible to do.

So I think such a property would best not be placed in the level editor (like the RGB color selection for the Mirror Magic beam color on the magicians properties page), but in the "graphicsinfo.conf" file, where RGB channels to be changed could be specified, and also the result of the modification (like alternating color manipulations or random color choice).

Maybe it would also be possible to use the already existing animation features for such a purpose -- not to animate an element within a game, but to change the graphics over the levels in a set.

Sort of related is another feature to be added for such a BD engine: Being able to randomly play sounds for certain elements, which is also currently not possible to define with the existing artwork subsystem...

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