More levels and some missed things

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Re: More levels and some missed things

Post by Holger » Sat Jul 06, 2019 6:46 pm

Hello altermaven / AlterT, welcome to the R'n'D forum!

Good to know that some of the "old folks of the golden era" are still alive and kickin'! :D

Importing your updated set to R'n'D is really easy -- I just had to add a file "levelinfo.conf" (to let R'n'D recognize the "LEVELS.DAT" style Supaplex level package file) and -- just to make things nice -- another file "titlemessage_1.txt" including the obligatory level set information and credits.

I've created an updated package with these two files -- make sure to have the Supaplex level collection (2018 release) installed to let the updated level set use the new Supaplex artwork! (BTW, I've used the year 2005 as the date of the last update, due to that two level fixes by Ahn Young-Seob.)

Thanks a lot for this level set update -- I should add it to an updated Supaplex level collection package!

Have fun! :)
Supaplex Levelset 10 for R'n'D
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Re: More levels and some missed things

Post by altermaven » Sun Jul 07, 2019 12:08 am

Thanks for the reply!

Yeah, my system unfortunately went down in early 2004 and I couldn't recover anything. However I did send the finished Levelset 10 to several folks (one month after, in September), and I'm grateful that Ahn Young-Seob had fixed the two levels as a result of personal oversights. And yes, the adage of "you can never be too careful" still applies with the extra levels. Unfortunately Maarten Egmond didn't want to replace the old Levelset 10 in the unofficial Supaplex page, hence the "two versions" thing. I'd still like to see "Through The Pipes" added somehow (but if your module code is 1:1 Supaplex, it won't work). At least respect that author :)

I haven't really gotten back online until 2011 but I had basically at that time went "it is what it is", with a new system and none of my backups (those failed as well). But I guess bless the Internet? I'm glad someone not only preserved my 2003 set, but late-fixed those problem levels in 2005!

So yeah, credit where is due! Add additional credits for those two levels since they're fixes.
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