Global anims on title screens

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Global anims on title screens

Post by Eizzoux » Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:55 am

There's a little problem with global anims being drawn on title screens. Their default position (0;0) is the same as the position of playfield (6;6), and they can be only drawn in the 548x548 area (in the boundaries of playfield). I tried to put door sprites in this little level set on their intended positions (positions of viewport.door_1 and viewport.door_2) and also set original border as the title background. And, as you can see, these door sprites are not visible just because they're out of playfield boundaries.
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Re: Global anims on title screens

Post by Holger » Thu Nov 08, 2018 3:05 pm

The issue here is that global animations are displayed within the playfield area by default, so they get clipped outside.

This can be changed using the following additional directives in your graphics config:

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global.anim_1.TITLE.class: window
global.anim_2.TITLE.class: window
global.anim_3.TITLE.class: window
global.anim_4.TITLE.class: window
(You can also use "border" instead of "window", which has exactly the same effect.)

And, voila, it works as intended. :)

Probably the default for title screens should be "window" instead of "playfield"...

Another little bug is the line "viewport.playfield.TITLE.width:660", which is ignored -- playfield can only be defined for all screens (no suffix), for "MAIN", "SCORES", "EDITOR" and "PLAYING". This should probably extended to support all screen names.

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