> 1 high score per user

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> 1 high score per user

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Continuing from comments in another recent post; I hope Holger can graft those comments to the top of this post...
Holger wrote: Yes, it depends whether you have a "global" scores directory or not (by default you do not have one). This is a sub-directory "scores" in the folder "CSIDL_COMMON_DOCUMENTS" (on Windows) or the program installation directory (or, optionally, whatever you have specified as "RW_GAME_DIR" in the Makefile (there's also a comment about this in there). Else, scores will be stored in your local "scores" folder (inside your personal game data directory).

So, if you have a global scores folder, only one entry will be inserted, while local scores will allow for multiple scores entry (as you're effectively only "playing against yourself" in that case).
So, yes, I have a global scores file as I have shared multi-user machines in my home. But in practice each member of the family primarily uses their 'own' machine. So each machine has a single primary user whose (single) high score gets written into that machine's global score file; and perhaps occasional guests, so that any one of the tens of thousands of levels might, very rarely, see as many as two different users' high scores.

Given this situation, it would really be better if it still acted like I am 'playing against myself', even in the global score files. Each level's score file can apparently record *100* distinct scores. It would take quite a bit of playing for a particular level to get filled to the point where a new player couldn't get on the scoreboard at all.

But sure, it would be annoying to have one player hog all the slots. Limiting them to, I don't know, maybe 3 or 5 slots seems reasonable. Limiting to 1 is too sharp of a cutoff.
Yes, it depends whether you have a "global" scores directory or not (by default you do not have one).
My installation is based on the Debian / Ubuntu packages, although I've subsequently overwritten the binaries with my own builds. But I still build them to point at the system-wide Debian install directories; I run `make` with args "RO_GAME_DIR=/usr/share/games/rocksndiamonds RW_GAME_DIR=/var/games/rocksndiamonds". Hmmm. A newer machine with the Ubuntu package installed doesn't have the directory /var/games/rocksndiamonds -- perhaps I have missed that they changed their config some time back.

Anyway, I like the idea of shared scores directories, and I like the idea of preventing one player from hogging all the 'slots'. But with an arena of 100 slots per level, 1 slot per player seems too sharply limited.
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