Rocks'n'Diamonds Release Candidate 1 released!

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Rocks'n'Diamonds Release Candidate 1 released!

Post by Holger »

After nearly 2½ years, it's time for a new release version!

Before the final version with lots of changes will be released, here's the first release candidate as a preview and to allow some more time for fine-tuning and debugging.

The most obvious improvement of R'n'D version 4 is support for SDL2 (while it still is compatible with the older version SDL 1.2). SDL2 adds support for improved fullscreen mode, window scaling and, most important, Android and iOS support. While Android is supported directly, an iOS version for iPad/iPhone was ported and made available by Les Bird in the App Store.

Most of the other improvements are related to a higher flexibility in custom graphics, like custom window size, different sizes and locations for the playfield, game panel and tape area, and different sizes of custom graphics for game elements (other than 32x32).

Now available from the Download section!
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