Custom field explosion

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Custom field explosion

Post by RAP »

Just a funny and quick idea. I thought this while I was bored, even when I'm not in the forums very much:
So, "Custom field explosion" yes? What's the catch? Only the center of the explosion box is permanent, alright, you can't change it. I'm talking about CE properties silly. x3 Here's an example:

The "CE Bomb" is about to be dropped itself down onto that weak wall. ;o

When the bomb hits the bomb, different fields of explosion set in, pretend that the yellow stuff are explosions since there's no explosion tile... Holger!!! >;o

So you see? It's not like the 3x3 or 3+3 explosion fields, I was thinking of that funny feature... x3 The ability to coordinate the explosion fields (either just to blow out only certain fields or have gems in the corner and set it as a trap or a way to get them at the other room. ;o) BTW, if someone places the explosion fields by 3x3 or 3+3, or even just the center of the field, I would like it to automatically switch it back to either those two... Besides, why use this feature to simply fill one of those two explosion fields?

I think some of the new ideas will pop in my mind soon... ;o Check back soon! :3
*I have to manually make those tile coordinates myself! In an unrelated note, I would like the forums to have a custom feature that lets you make those type of tiles so that future users won't have to use the program again.
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Post by Sigma »

A feature like this would have been very useful when I was playing with CEs a while ago!
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