Rockford for R'n'D (40 levels)

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Rockford for R'n'D (40 levels)

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I finally got my conversion of Rockford (1987) for R'n'D in a point I could put something of it online.

At the moment, this remake contains all 40 levels of the original PC Rockford (of which 20 were hidden in the cellmaps.bin and couldn't be played unless the file (and the .exe) were hex edited). Alongside with the levels, this remake contains all original five graphic sets plus some nice PC-speaker like sounds.

Default graphic set (theme) is Space, others are named gfx_NAME. Note that "doctor" is named gfx_body, because the original game file was named body.fil.


Zipped package can be found here:

You should use this with Rocks 'n' Diamonds v. Also set game speed to fast to match it with the speed of original Rockford.

You also should use SND_ROCKFORD sound set, because most of the game elements are CEs and sounds are configurated for them.

For those who never played Rockford, it's very similar to Boulder Dash, but contains few new elements (which are pretty nice IMO, because none of them are over used):

There are "good" and "bad" worms. Good worms convert enemies into stones, and stones into gold. Evil worms convert gold into stones, and stones into enemies. Worms are somewhat rare, and appear only in few levels. You can see one in the "Cook" picture. At the level start, worms are inside "eggs". They will hatch out after random time (0-100 secs) has passed, or after player has touched them (see "Cowboy" picture).

Taps produce fire and liquid. Liquid moves downwards and fire upwards. When these elements are collided, they explode. Taps can be activated by pushing them from any direction (see lower right corner of "Doctor" picture for fire tap and some blood drops). Taps are very rare, and appear only in the later levels.

Some levels contain bonus time (20 sec) and bonus gold collectables.

Ok. That's all about the remake itself. I'm very happy if someone finds some time to try this and report here any bugs or such.. or just leave some comments. :)

Still needs some working:
- Worm behaviour: In the original game, if worm's way is blocked from front and both sides, the tail will transform into head allowing worm to continue moving immediately. I didn't find any way to do this in R'n'D, yet.

Now worms will "pile up" if they're blocked, and continue moving after all their body parts have disappeared. However, worm levels work well at the moment, worms' 180 degree turning is just a bit slower (and that's why some level times have been altered). Also the lenght of worms is reduced to increase their 180 degree turning speed.

If someone has played the original Rockford, and has an idea how the worms could be perfectly converted to R'n'D, I'm all ears.

- Worm graphics: Now worm tail and body sections use static graphics. In original game they were animated and rotated to match worm's moving direction.

- Tap behaviour: Some little details, such as enemies should be able to push fire downwards (and the pushed fire should push other fires downwards etc.)

- Bonus gold: Bonus gold collectibles should give player a random amount 0-9 gold. I didn't yet find a way to do this (except by doing 10 CEs that change from 0 to 1, 1 to 2 and so on). At the moment bonus gold amount given is 5.

- Graphic sets for music, scuba, miner, player and luck.. Unfortunately, I've never seen these sets in any version of Rockford. Although such themes are referred in rockford.exe and cellmaps.bin.

- Auto-Setup levels to use fixed graphic sets, as in the original game. Now user must select wanted set from the menu. (Don't know how to do this)

- Auto-Setup game speed. To emulate original Rockford, game speed SHOULD set to FAST (15 frames). Playing game at normal speed reduces the difficulty a bit. (Don't know how to do this).

- Perhaps a game menu, where you can select which levels to play like in original Rockford. Game should also use some kind of life system, original rockford had 4 lifes to complete a theme.

- Hide the dynamite counter.

- More "retroish" fonts and outlook.

Ok, enough talking. I hope you enjoy the remake! :) You really shouldn't miss this one!
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WOW, Beautiful!
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Downloading now :)
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very nice work :wink: soon i will show my own create levels. it will be 50 levels
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Re: Rockford for R'n'D (40 levels)

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What is with original Animation for emenies and other things?
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