Pre-release 3 of Rocks'n'Diamonds available!

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Re: Pre-release 3 of Rocks'n'Diamonds available!

Post by ncrecc »

in Marek Roth->Crazy Dream->Crazy Dream 2, level 9 ("Cave H"), bombs are incorrectly set to explode into gravestones instead of time penalties. when playing this in gdash, the bombs are set to contain time penalties, and a bomb exploding results in 5 time penalties being placed, each with a 5-second penalty, resulting in a 25-second penalty total. however, when playing it in rnd, there is no penalty whatsoever when a bomb explodes, because the bomb is set to spawn purely-visual gravestones instead of time penalties.

to avoid confusion: 1. time penalties applying their penalties when emerging from bombs is correctly working; the problem is that the .gds parser incorrectly substitutes time penalties with gravestones, which look identical but do nothing. 2. you will not see any bombs placed directly in Cave H; they have a chance of emerging from ghost explosions, which fireflies in this level are set to produce.
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Re: Pre-release 3 of Rocks'n'Diamonds available!

Post by Holger »

ncrecc, thanks a lot for all your detailed comments, remarks and bug reports regarding the new pre-release version! I really appreciate your detailed descriptions of what's not working as it should yet! I will check them all and try to fix everything you have mentioned here!

Some comments:

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Effect=DIAMONDfallingeffect EXPLOSION0
Both game elements "DIAMONDBIRTH0" and "EXPLOSION0" (or generally all that end with a "0") were not recognized by the old GDash code that I used, and still have to be backported from the current GDash code base. Once this is done, all BDCFF tokens should be read and handled correctly.

I will also (try to) fix all graphics and sound bugs you have mentioned. And thanks for the graphics updates for "sand ball" and "loose sand" which I will also add.

Regarding the last one (about time penalties and gravestones), this sounds a bit complicated, but I will check this, too, and should be able to find out what's going wrong here.

However, please allow for some time to fix all these things -- I will be away for a month starting tomorrow, but will continue working on all these BD engine issues in August. :)
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