highlight name of current player/team in hall of fame list

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highlight name of current player/team in hall of fame list

Post by ncrecc »

if you're looking at the hall of fame, you probably want to know which entries are yours at a glance. if your name is of the same length as someone else's and starts with a similar letter, this requires taking a closer look:
HoF names 1.png
HoF names 1.png (51.61 KiB) Viewed 1437 times
so i suggest that any name in the hall of fame that is identical to the current player/team name be displayed in yellow instead of green (maybe as an option). if i am using a player slot named ncrecc, then the hall of fame list would look like this:
HoF names 2.png
HoF names 2.png (51.84 KiB) Viewed 1437 times
(this doesn't necessarily verify that you are that player, just that you have the same name as them, but it's purely a visual reminder anyway)

this also helps if the hall of fame list is long and you want to quickly scroll through to check if your tape is somewhere in there without closely looking at every name. (and if you already have RnD open, it would probably be quicker than opening a browser tab, going to api.artsoft.org, then finding the level, and looking for your name with ctrl+f.)
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Re: highlight name of current player/team in hall of fame list

Post by Holger »

This is a good idea, I think, and I have just implemented it nearly(*) as described.

(*) However, we cannot use the yellow font (although I agree that this would be the best solution here), because all four default fonts are already in use:

- font.text_1.SCORES is used by the score position number (default: yellow, medium font)
- font.text_2.SCORES is used for the player name (default: green, big font)
- font.text_3.SCORES is used for the dots after the name (default: yellow, medium font)
- font.text_4.SCORES is used for the score value (default: yellow, medium font)

The "active" variants for these fonts (like "font.text_1.active.SCORES") are all the same, but in red.

So, to use a yellow, big font for the "my own player name" entries would require adding a new font (either an existing one or a new font definition) for the "SCORES" screen, which would likely break existing level sets with custom artwork (like those "R'n'D Jue" level sets), which wouldn't have that new font defined then.

But I think the variant using the red font (previously only used for the selected/highlighted entries) works nearly as nicely (and can be distinguished from the selected/highlighted entries, as only the name itself is drawn in red in these cases, but not the complete entry text and numbers).
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