Some DC3 elements

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Some DC3 elements

Post by Eizzoux »

I just tried to recreate few elements from Diamond Caves III after one of recent topics about those, because why not :v
Current list of elements:
  1. Ruby (costs 2 emeralds)
  2. Some walls with content (rock, ruby, keys and dynamite)
  3. Megabomb
  4. Wooden doors
  5. Gem door
  6. Multicolored door
  7. Range Mine
  8. Slippery wall with point
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Re: Some DC3 elements

Post by ellipirelli »

Eizzoux, I saw that you started with the elements for DC3. I worked on it last year (10 months). I'm not a graphic artist but a perfectionist and experimented pixel by pixel with every element until everything came very close to the original. I partially used and adapted Darkon's DC3 graphics, many of them I created myself. The levels are not game levels, but only experiments to test the graphics.
Unfortunately I lack the technical understanding to let the CE's react like in the original game. But with you I have seen from your great levels and the very good explanations for other users in the forum that you can handle the CE's and everything around RnD well and so I offer you to use my graphics and even save the time you need to create, if you want. :)
The Grakiksinfo is not in English, but that shouldn't be a problem. :? And there is no sound either. I wanted to continue working on it later, but it can be very, very late. :| The graphics are complete.
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