Implement some Diamond Caves 3 elements

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Implement some Diamond Caves 3 elements

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I've noticed that there are some elements from Diamond Caves 3 that are not covered by the Diamond Caves 2 category. I'm not sure if that's because Diamond Caves 3 added more, or DC2 and DC3 share all of the elements but some were never implemented.

I'll start by listing the simple elements that are basically just slight modifications of already existing elements:
  • Wooden key doors. These are the same as regular key doors but they can be destroyed by explosions.
  • Metal magic walls. Same as regular (DC2) magic walls, but indestructible.
  • Four-colored door. A key door that can be opened if you have a red, green, blue, or yellow key.
  • Round wall with a spike in it. Any nuts that fall onto this "spike wall" will instantly crack open.
  • Up to 8 different types of envelopes.
  • Contact mines. Explodes in a 3x3 square if it's adjacent to the player or an enemy.
Then some of the less simple ones:
  • Emerald doors. These can be passed like regular doors, and do not require a key, but every time you pass one of them it adds one to the "emerald" counter so you need additional emeralds to open the exit. Exits that open when you reach zero emeralds stay open, but I'm not sure if exits will be open if they are created (via Yam Yam or Magic Ball) after you've reached zero emeralds and went through an emerald door again.
  • Replicators. A replicator is a 3 by 2 structure that looks like this. It comes in four colors, and each color will rapidly spawn its own type of element from the bottom-middle tile. There are also replicator switches that turn certain colored replicators on/off.
  • Skeleton keys. Picking up a skeleton key allows you to go through red, blue, green, yellow, and white doors however many times you want. Emerald doors still have the one emerald penalty.
  • Hammer. Hammers can be stacked in your inventory much like white keys. Snapping at a destructible tile (but NOT a diggable tile) destroys the tile and uses up one hammer. I don't know if enemies can be killed with hammers.
I'm guessing Holger has already played Diamond Caves 2; I'm not sure how many of these mentioned features were in DC2 and how many were added in DC3. There are also some features from DC3 that I left out because they're either too hard to explain or they sound too complex for the engine.
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