[] Crumbled elements acts a bit weird in "Emerald Mine" engine

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[] Crumbled elements acts a bit weird in "Emerald Mine" engine

Post by Eizzoux » Thu Oct 12, 2017 9:02 am

Today I tried to test graphics set on Emerald Mine engine and after launching the level I discovered that sand acts a bit weird. I'm using inner corners for sand so this can actually initiate this glitch. Instantly and after digging sand by walking through sand edges of same near elements looks like it's connected with something but not in corners but only in edges. Digging animation works good because I can't use inner corners for it. But when you snap one of them nearby elements actually gets fixed. But I don't think they gets fixed forever.
I haven't tested it in Supaplex engine but I think it won't even support crumbling at all...
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Re: [] Crumbled elements acts a bit weird in "Emerald Mine" engine

Post by Holger » Thu Oct 12, 2017 9:45 am

Maybe this is a limitation of the graphics engine when using the EM/EMC game engine; as far as I remember, crumbling works in both engines, but the "inner corners" stuff only works in the R'n'D engine (but I might be wrong here).

Could you please post the relevant parts of your "graphicsinfo.conf" you used for achieving inner corners for sand?

Then I will have a look at it.

As said, it may well be that the EM/EMC graphics engine simply does not support it correctly. I remember that Jue (the author of "R'n'D jue") had some similar problems with crumbled graphics and the EM/EMC engine...

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Re: [] Crumbled elements acts a bit weird in "Emerald Mine" engine

Post by Eizzoux » Thu Oct 12, 2017 9:50 am

Code: Select all

sand:					rnd64_elements.png
sand.tile_size:				64
sand.xpos:				3
sand.ypos:				0
sand.frames:				1
sand.CRUMBLED:				rnd64_elements.png
sand.CRUMBLED.tile_size:		64
sand.CRUMBLED.xpos:			4
sand.CRUMBLED.ypos:			0
sand.CRUMBLED.frames:			2
sand.CRUMBLED.style:			accurate_borders, inner_corners
sand.CRUMBLED.border_size:		5
sand.digging.up:			rnd64_elements.png
sand.digging.up.tile_size:		64
sand.digging.up.xpos:			0
sand.digging.up.ypos:			1
sand.digging.up.frames:			3
sand.digging.up.delay:			2
sand.digging.up.anim_mode:		linear
sand.digging.up.CRUMBLED:		rnd64_elements.png
sand.digging.up.CRUMBLED.tile_size:	64
sand.digging.up.CRUMBLED.xpos:		0
sand.digging.up.CRUMBLED.ypos:		3
sand.digging.up.CRUMBLED.frames:	3
sand.digging.up.CRUMBLED.delay:		2
sand.digging.up.CRUMBLED.anim_mode:	linear
sand.digging.up.CRUMBLED.border_size:	5
sand.digging.down:			rnd64_elements.png
sand.digging.down.tile_size:		64
sand.digging.down.xpos:			3
sand.digging.down.ypos:			1
sand.digging.down.frames:		3
sand.digging.down.delay:		2
sand.digging.down.anim_mode:		linear
sand.digging.down.CRUMBLED:		rnd64_elements.png
sand.digging.down.CRUMBLED.tile_size:	64
sand.digging.down.CRUMBLED.xpos:	3
sand.digging.down.CRUMBLED.ypos:	3
sand.digging.down.CRUMBLED.frames:	3
sand.digging.down.CRUMBLED.delay:	2
sand.digging.down.CRUMBLED.anim_mode:	linear
sand.digging.down.CRUMBLED.border_size:	5
sand.digging.left:			rnd64_elements.png
sand.digging.left.tile_size:		64
sand.digging.left.xpos:			0
sand.digging.left.ypos:			2
sand.digging.left.frames:		3
sand.digging.left.delay:		2
sand.digging.left.anim_mode:		linear
sand.digging.left.CRUMBLED:		rnd64_elements.png
sand.digging.left.CRUMBLED.tile_size:	64
sand.digging.left.CRUMBLED.xpos:	0
sand.digging.left.CRUMBLED.ypos:	4
sand.digging.left.CRUMBLED.frames:	3
sand.digging.left.CRUMBLED.delay:	2
sand.digging.left.CRUMBLED.anim_mode:	linear
sand.digging.left.CRUMBLED.border_size:	5
sand.digging.right:			rnd64_elements.png
sand.digging.right.tile_size:		64
sand.digging.right.xpos:		3
sand.digging.right.ypos:		2
sand.digging.right.frames:		3
sand.digging.right.delay:		2
sand.digging.right.anim_mode:		linear
sand.digging.right.CRUMBLED:		rnd64_elements.png
sand.digging.right.CRUMBLED.tile_size:	64
sand.digging.right.CRUMBLED.xpos:	3
sand.digging.right.CRUMBLED.ypos:	4
sand.digging.right.CRUMBLED.frames:	3
sand.digging.right.CRUMBLED.delay:	2
sand.digging.right.CRUMBLED.anim_mode:	linear
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Post by Eizzoux » Tue Nov 21, 2017 6:09 am

So, what do I do with this? I made the sand for these 64x64px look much nicer with accurate borders and inner corners. Without these options it looks much worse and strikes instantly (for me).
rnd_ohno_stop.png (83.63 KiB) Viewed 2321 times
I am sorry if it sounds a bit annoying but I'm just that person who can see some little details and become unsatisfied (and I'm always unsatisfied of my own works now, always caring of some details I don't like to miss so pregresses of my works is so slow) :)
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