Expert Mine 3 Level 78

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Re: Expert Mine 3 Level 78

Post by jm28121977 »

Hi chaps

This level is now solvable using the new engine. It was down to the bugs exploding within chains of bombs and whether the created emeralds are destroyed by the explosions or not.

I can now tick 'Complete Expert Mine 3 level 78' off my bucket list.

Jamie x
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Re: Expert Mine 3 Level 78

Post by Holger »

Congratulations, and thanks for the feedback regarding the latest Emerald Mine engine! :)
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Re: Expert Mine 3 Level 78

Post by filbo »

Oh! I had 'jumped forward' in levelsets to confirm the not-solvable conclusion; then I got to that levelset in my normal 'organic' sweep through all the levelsets, and solved that level without even noticing there was (had been) an issue!

Apology to slappy, I only now noticed the request for my tape. Not needed any more, I'm sure...
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