How do I change the death message?

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How do I change the death message?

Post by SLAPPYHAPPY2000 » Wed Sep 09, 2020 11:27 am

You know how when you die, the screen pops up saying, "Game Over! Play it again?"? I thought there was no way to change it, but then I saw in the Mindbender levelset, it said, "Magic Spell hit McDuffin! Play it again?", or something like that. If you can change the death message now, how do you do it? Is there some sort of special text that I have to put in in order to do so?
Or is it just impossible?

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Re: How do I change the death message?

Post by Holger » Thu Sep 10, 2020 1:14 pm

It's not possible to customize these messages -- they are hard-coded into the R'n'D game engine (the usual "Game over! Play it again?") and into the MirrorMagic game engine (several different messages related to the kind of death, like "Bomb killed Mc Duffin!", "Out of magic energy!" and "Magic spell hit Mc Duffin!"), that is used by the "Mindbender" level set (and which probably do not fit that well to the "Deflektor" level set).

So, no, it's currently impossible.

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