Penguin dies and lives

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Penguin dies and lives

Post by Yoshi348 »

Tape for Contributions 1995-2000, Tobias Authmann, Level 4.

Here the penguin dies and lives at the same time, and I complete the level without mishap. This seem to be connected to the larger issue of older levels and getting squished in motion; Holger, I think you're semi-aware of this, judging from a comment you made in the old unsolvable level thread. Creatures getting hit halfway between squares in older levels tend to have strange results. You can always tell when the bug hits, as the resulting explosion has Supaplex sounds and graphics. All enemies I've seen this happen to except the bug do not give off their contents; this seems to be related to the fact that bug is the only enemy that chain explodes. The penguin here is a special case as it explodes 1x1... here the penguin out races its OWN explosion!
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Post by Holger »

Yes, I think that is an old bug which have been fixed in a previous version, but unfortunately will still be alive in older levels. That's the downside of backwards compatibility. :-(
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