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Post by Holger »

Hi Dr S! Thanks a lot for fixing those six E.S.E. levels for the actual R'n'D version! I've already recorded the new tapes and hopefully have a new download archive ready soon -- then on my web site, as you wrote that there were problems with uploading them to your own site which is currently linked to from my download section.

> 4. The other ES set (old set B) - I haven't tested these recently, but I don't
> like this set anyway. They were originally designed back in the 90's on
> the Spectrum, and I only updated them to RnD for a sense of
> completeness. But if anyone finds any bugs in these, I will try and fix
> them.

Unfortunately, this is the only set without tapes, so it's harder to find out if newer versions made any problems with them. Has anybody recorded tapes for this set? (bojster maybe? :-) )

> 5. Regarding the wrong CE behaviour - even though I designed the levels
> with this behaviour in mind, I am glad it was fixed! The old way never
> really made sense, so the new way is better.


Thanks again for updating your levels accordingly! :-)
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