Graphic glitch: The phantom gem

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Graphic glitch: The phantom gem

Post by Flumminator »

Hi Holger,

I was experimenting with a "teleport" CE (which counts collected items), and suddently encountered a gem which did not fall down, when I dug away the sand underneath.

As it turns out, the gem is not actually there. It is counted as collected, but as the collection triggered the teleport, the collection animation did not play and the original image remained on display until this field is entered by something else.
screenshot-rnd.png (61.65 KiB) Viewed 301 times
I've attached the level and a demonstration tape.

Have a nice day!
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Re: Graphic glitch: The phantom gem

Post by Holger »

Hi Flumminator,

yes, that surely looks buggy!

If you replace the "player collects" with a "player digs" condition in the teleport CE, you get the following second bug:
bug_teleport_when_digging.png (19.27 KiB) Viewed 265 times
Both are graphical bugs that are fixed in version now.

But the behaviour is still not what it should be, I think: The teleportation should not happen when digging or collecting is *started*, but when it is *finished* -- else we have the current behaviour of digging or collecting two tiles at the same time (as the process of digging or collecting continues for the tile at both the old and the new player position), which does not look right.

I've already added a fix in my working version; what's still missing is an option to select the desired behaviour in the player element settings (to use the corrected behaviour as the new default behaviour, but to not break existing levels and tapes).
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