RnD Occasional crash after saving a tape

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RnD Occasional crash after saving a tape

Post by ncrecc » Thu Jul 12, 2018 1:05 am

Sometimes, when I save a tape, after pressing enter to dismiss the "tape saved!" text or confirm that I would like to replace the previous tape, the game will freeze and the window will be marked as Not Responding. I've had this happen to me twice now, first on Space-Time Capsule in Walpurgi's World (level 8) and more recently in JHS's Classics 1 level in Contributions 1995 (level 9). Running the latest version of Windows 10

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Re: RnD Occasional crash after saving a tape

Post by Holger » Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:16 am

Hello ncrecc, welcome to the forum! :)

Very strange -- this sounds more like the game running into an endless loop rather than really "crashing" (although I admit that the result for the user is effectively the same).

If this should happen again, could you please have a look into the process manager to see if the game uses something like 100% CPU (showing that the game ran into a busy loop), or if it is idling with around 0% CPU (indicating that it may hang somewhere else, like waiting for an event that never comes or something like that).

There were found quite some "real" crashes in the game in the past (mostly caused by accessing invalid memory addresses due to stupid programming ;-) ), but I think I did not encounter the program "hanging" or "freezing" like this so far... :shock:

Anybody else experiencing similar issues with R'n'D

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