[] Pause before end - where is it?

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[] Pause before end - where is it?

Post by KosMos »

In Aaron Davidson's tutorian there was said I can replay a game to 5 seconds before death by hitting play button three times on tape recorder. But in this version it toggles warp forward mode. I tested in, it was perfect. Is this behaviour change intended in new versions or this is a bug? If it's intended is it possible to return previous behaviour? Of course, I can use F1 to quicsave and F2 to quickload but usually I don't use it and just replay tape before death.
I tried to find about this change in changelog but found nothing about it. So I think this is a bug. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Sorry for my bad English.
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Re: [] Pause before end - where is it?

Post by Holger »

Hello KosMos, welcome to the R'n'D forum!

First of all, I apologize for the confusion caused by changing this long-time behaviour in R'n'D! This is indeed not a bug, but a change in user interface functionality I did by intention. I also have to admit that including a two-years-old "ChangeLog" file (that does not get updated anymore because of using Git now) is not a good idea. :-(

You can find the change in the following commit:

Code: Select all

commit e9a2029050b7d36830d3a6c7e1b21831ba0d2b42
Author: Holger Schemel <info@artsoft.org>
Date:   Thu Jun 2 08:49:00 2016 +0200

    changed tape recorder logic to separate speed and 'pause before end'

Details can be found directly in Git:

http://git.artsoft.org/?p=rocksndiamond ... 31ba0d2b42

From a user perspective, I just did what the commit message says: I separated controls for replay speed and replay functionality (i.e., cycle between "play" -> "pause before end" -> "play").

So, to change replay speed, you can continue to repeatedly press the "play" button to cycle replay speeds.

To switch to "pause before end" mode, just press the leftmost button on the tape recorder (which is the "eject" button when the tape is stopped, the "single-step mode" button when recording and the "pause before end" button when replaying.

Regarding the tutorial level, I will fix the message to not confuse new players in the future anymore! Thanks for pointing me to this "documentation bug"!

I hope you will find the new tape recorder behavior useful after some time of getting used to it!
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Re: [] Pause before end - where is it?

Post by KosMos »

Thanks for fast reply, I already found a new location for pause before end but thought that was a bug.
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Re: [] Pause before end - where is it?

Post by filbo »

See viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2163 for suggested keys for the tapes;
but note that some of the longer action strings are no longer correct, due to the change you noticed.

In fact, let's see if I can revise them here (from memory, at work : )

'0:ist' Load "solution tape" provided with levelset, if available (then '55' or '555' is nice)
'5' Play tape
'55' Fast forward
'515' Fast forward, pause before end
'555' Play as fast as possible with display (FF)
'5155' Play as fast as possible with display, pause before end (FFP)
'5555' Play as fast as possible without display ("warp forward") (WF)
'51555' Play as fast as possible without display, pause before end (WFP)
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