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Rocks'n'Diamonds Bug Tracker

Post by Holger » Sat Dec 10, 2016 10:55 pm

To make tracking bugs and feature requests more comfortable and clear, I’ve finally set up a bug tracker to support myself with the development of Rocks’n’Diamonds. I’ve played around with different bug tracking systems for quite some time now (checking out MantisBT, The Bug Genie and Bugzilla), and finally opted for Bugzilla.

Here it is: The Rocks’n’Diamonds Bug Tracker

It is not intended to replace, but to complement the existing bug reports section in the web forum, as the forum is probably still the easiest way for most people to report and discuss issues with R’n’D. But over the years I realized that I always lost track of a number of bugs that were reported, but not discussed that much, therefore disappearing with uncertain status in the long list of posts of the forum’s bug reports section.

Regarding the choice of a bug tracker for R’n’D: Although I finally preferred Bugzilla over the other bug trackers mentioned above, it does have its downsides (that are probably caused by its age – it’s nearly as old as R’n’D itself). The main disadvantage from my point of view is the more or less complete absence of any kind of countermeasures against spam bots in the current stable release. Only few problems could be solved by using the latest development version of Bugzilla (which does not openly show all user’s mail addresses in public anymore, for example), but there are no options to prevent spam registrations like security questions or account activations by admins, and not many usable options to fight already existing spam users, spam bug reports or spam comments (other than manually poking around in the database).

Therefore I have decided to limit user accounts for the bug tracker to already existing forum users, and create new accounts on demand, so please just ask by forum mail if you're interested.

Occasional bug reporters are still encouraged to continue using the forum’s bug reports section for reporting bugs in R’n’D, and I will then just create a corresponding bug report entry for it in the bug tracker, if needed.

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