Snake Bite 30 shows incorrect tiles

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Snake Bite 30 shows incorrect tiles

Post by Anonycat » Mon Aug 18, 2014 4:53 am

I don't remember when it started, but recently Snake Bite level 30 (and no other level in the set) has been displaying graphical issues in most of its rooms, always one row at a time and always in the same places. I've noted another bug before that applies in a wider range of levels, but only when putting a tape in Warp Forward mode and pausing out of it for a screen refresh. By contrast, this happens even during a normal-speed playthrough of the level:


Of course, that stray purple wall isn't supposed to be there. The graphics don't actually have any effect: you can enter the squares that are erroneously drawn as wall just fine (as long as the real tile isn't also a wall), and if any tile is forced to go through an animation while it's being masked by one of these stray graphics, it reveals its true self when it starts the animation. For instance, this was the case where the row of fake wall meets the column of light blocks: it was originally drawn as part of the purple wall, until the snake pushing the block line caused them all to go through the shudder animation.

That screenshot shows version because that's what I've applied my patches to (such as the expanded timer). For completeness, I also tried loading the level on a freshly-extracted that had no change from vanilla (not even a recompile), and got the same result.

Level 30 itself has never changed in all of this: it's still the same untouched file, size 114173, md5sum a7369298fcac6db2547ef04f41c34072. It looked just fine when I recorded this video, so what could have caused it to start acting all wacky?

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Re: Snake Bite 30 shows incorrect tiles

Post by ZX-Dash » Mon Aug 18, 2014 9:01 am

Played a lot, so i can bet at least 9 to 1,
:arrow: that main problem is the damaged cache.

Described earlier

No sense to attach more another "tape" files, because all of them have same type damaged/broken data

PS: By the way(or not :?), but very much hampered by the fact that at many levels "amoeba" growth rate absolutely abnormally (too fast), because of that almost instantly floods the level
(probably due to some differences in the engines and the lack of a uniform standard in this respect).

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Re: Snake Bite 30 shows incorrect tiles

Post by Holger » Tue Aug 25, 2015 9:56 pm

Thanks a lot, Anonycat, for the detailed description of this bug (especially for mentioning a level which really makes it easy to reproduce this bug).

This bug is fixed in the current Git version (by commit 9ea8b203a29569f4d2ed059d33def627ff2b17aa, already some time ago).

Hope the fix will be available in a release version soon.

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