Dying player doesn't trigger CEs

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Dying player doesn't trigger CEs

Post by Eizzoux » Wed Nov 21, 2018 2:10 pm

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As you can see on this screenshot, I made this CE to trigger "Exit player" on explosion of player. And it works fine... partially. The problem is that this only triggers when player is idling, but when player dies in between two tiles he's walking from one to another, trigger is not sent to CE to finish the game. I already got that bug while creating Under the water II. I made a CE to trigger an envelope with the "death screen". And, you guessed it, envelope only shows up when you're waiting for it by standing on a tile, but not when you're moving. I'm assuming that's because the game requires you to be standing on a tile, because that's what the envelope requires you to do before wrapping up, and since player dies before reaching the next tile he moves to, both showing envelope and winning the game waits for player to step on a tile forever and never activates.
Here's the video as a proof.
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Re: Dying player doesn't trigger CEs

Post by Holger » Mon Dec 17, 2018 10:37 am

Thanks a lot for reporting this bug.

The problem was indeed that the game engine waits for the player to reach a non-moving tile position before both the "show envelope" or "exit player" CE action triggers its action, even if the player is not active anymore (which is the case in your example where the CE change condition is the explosion of the player).

I've fixed this now for both actions. (Tested with a level containing a similar configuration as in your screenshot, using "show envelope" on the first change page and "exit player" on the second change page, which now works fine even if the player gets killed in the middle of moving from one tile to another.)

The bugfix will be in the next version.

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