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Post by Mark »

In the editor, I think it would save everyone time, if you just selected your favorite elements, and did't have to scroll miles unless you really needed.
So, what if there was a new addition to the editor settings?

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The favorites could be a file which you can modify and you just type in a code for your elements, and the game would set your favorites on the very top of the element list in the editor, so you don't have to scroll everywhere and look for an element. We must all know where all the elements are on the panel, but would't it be nice if the elements we
preselected would already be there? just a thought
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Post by Tomi »

Interesting idea, but there's something similar already possible. Go to Setup -> Editor settings and you can select which groups do you want to see. No sorting though...
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Post by Martijn »

If I'm right, this is already on Holger's TODO list, since we discussed about this before.
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Post by Holger »

> Favorites
> The favorites could be a file which you can modify and you just type in a
> code for your elements

Have a deeper look at Setup->Editor Settings: In the last line, there's a setting "user defined: <on / off>".

That's exactly what you described! The name of that file is "editorsetup.conf" and can be either in the R'n'D main or user data directory or directly in the level directory (so you can have a different "favorite elements" files for each level set).

Execute R'n'D on the command line to get a default file with all existing elements (just uncomment those elements you want to see in the editor):

$ ./rocksndiamonds -e "print editorsetup.conf"

Redirect the output into a file called "editorsetup.conf" and you're ready to start! :-)

The format is like this:

# player_1
# empty_space
# sand
# steelwall
# bd_wall
# bd_magic_wall

Just remove the "#" to activate entries!
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