Two-layered sprites + Oversized elements

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Two-layered sprites + Oversized elements

Post by Eizzoux » Fri Aug 12, 2016 4:47 pm

Sorry again for my bad skills at English language, I just wanted to offer you something what breaks the logic of game. And also it will be extremely hard to do this in this game, I think...
  • 1. Two-layered sprites
Sometimes we just want to see how player walks really 'inside' the element, not just under element without any masking for it. Maybe this is possible by adding new option "Walkable/Passable > Inside EX" in CE configuration 1 and one more sprite as a second layer (Main sprite hides the player, secondary is being hidden by him). That means that player will be between these layers, "inside" the element.
This is how the element looks when the player entered it
This is how the element looks when the player entered it
rnd_tls2.png (62.42 KiB) Viewed 5384 times
  • 2. Oversized elements
Sometimes I just look at the same games with same gameplay and same point and see how some game elements are bigger than another ones. For example, Cave Chaos series (by Spam&Cheese) uses invincibility shields which are twice bigger than the player and Co.
Invincibility from Cave Chaos 2
Invincibility from Cave Chaos 2
cc2_invincibility.png (8.08 KiB) Viewed 5384 times
Is this possible to use this in Rocks'n'diamonds? Maybe, by scaling it? Just like this:

Code: Select all

shield_deadly:             invincibility.png
shield_deadly.xpos:        0
shield_deadly.ypos:        0
shield_deadly.tile_size:   64
shield_deadly.frames:      8
shield_deadly.delay:       3
shield_deadly.anim_mode:   loop
shield_deadly.scale:       2
But I have no idea about order of them. But I want show you my of course fake screenshot how could it look like:
Twice scaled bugs
Twice scaled bugs
rnd_ose1.png (107.6 KiB) Viewed 5384 times
Yeah, sounds almost impossible but the chance is over 0...
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Re: Two-layered sprites + Oversized elements

Post by Holger » Sat Dec 10, 2016 2:47 pm

This would really be a cool thing to have available. It could be made by massively extending the new global animations (to be able to control them by game elements).

Another possible option would be to add support for such animations directly in the game graphics engine. It could then indeed work like you described (using something like a ".scale" option). Currently such things are not possible, as the game's playfield is not completely redrawn for each new video frame (but only changes are made to individual tiles). As this slows down performance a lot (because all main drawings have to be done by the CPU in system memory instead of the GPU), a fundamental change of the playfield drawing system would be required, to be able to redraw the playfield each frame, which would make it possible to use such oversized tiles.

The two-layered sprites are also an interesting idea, and could then be done by enhancing the existing "walkable inside" to support "upper" and "lower" graphics layers.

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