option to turn off level menu display

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option to turn off level menu display

Post by Martijn » Thu Jul 22, 2010 5:18 pm

I've got a new idea:

what about an option to turn the menu to the right on and off while playing? and fill that part of the screen with the play field, so that this will become bigger.

alternatively, what do you think about an option to show the most essential information (number of emeralds, time left etc.) at the bottom of the screen and turn off the menu?

or maybe both? so that you can choose:
1. play field + menu
2. play field without menu
3. play field without menu, but with little display at bottom of screen
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Post by Holger » Thu Jul 22, 2010 6:51 pm

A more generic approach is just about to be implemented. Future versions (and I'm talking about the next or next but one non-bugfix release here) will have new custom artwork directives to define the size of the window (or fullscreen area), the playfield and the menu (panel, tape recorder) area. (This would also require a little custom artwork to replace the default one, to have correct borders etc., for example.) That way, you can exactly do what you just described, and use the resulting artwork set to play at least those level sets which do not have their own custom artwork.

For levels with already existing custom artwork, things become a little bit difficult, because this would require modifying the existing artwork set. On the other hand, sets with existing custom artwork may not be best suited for such a window/playfield change.

I'm still thinking about a dynamic resizing functionality that would also work with existing artwork...

In any case, level collections like the EMC collection or the Supaplex collection should then use the same playfield and menu/panel size as the original games (together with artwork that matches these different screen/playfield dimensions).

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