New element deadly option

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New element deadly option

Post by negundo »

This is my idea about CE deadly options:

- deadly when player enter a "fireline"

- all directions
- horizontal
- vertical
- left
- right
- up
- down
- left + up
- left + down
- right + up
- right + down
- horizontal + up
- horizontal + down
- vertical + left
- vertical + right

Deadly method:
- kill player immediately
- paralize player:
- per (...) sec. / steps + random (...)
- forever
- attracts player
- repel player
- push player with wind direction


Please some comments how you see this option?
Best Regards 4 All.
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Post by Holger »

Interesting idea, but seems to be a bit too specific to me to add this to the CE options (which have a more generic approach).

Besides that, I think that some aspects of your ideas of it can already be build using the existing CEs (by using fast-moving trigger CEs etc.).
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Post by Zomis »

Yes, this is already possible using CEs - not without limitations of course, it might cause some problems when other elements are in the area, but I think that using the options already existing in the CEs, there is no need to add this option.
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