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Re: High score server

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Holger wrote:
filbo wrote:That is: have a passworded (or whatever -- 2FA?) login to the server, and their uploads are tagged to that server username.
And here things would start being complicated, and for two reasons: First of all, it would require some sort of "real" account system (to prevent others using your account), rather than just tagging your score with an arbitrary string that happens to be your username in R'n'D. Then, it would raise the GDPR issues again, as such an account would be PII, which that arbitrary string is not.
If I create an account on a 'service', giving it only a pseudonymous username and a password, is that PII? Is my forum account here on artsoft.org PII? -- I see that I can set a birthday on the account (but not, amusingly, a real name!). And a bunch of other fields like occupation & interests. But, having left all of that blank (and presumably the RnD score server wouldn't even have fields for such things) -- is it PII? I don't see it. But nor am I steeped in GDPR...
Holger wrote:
filbo wrote:For instance, what if some of them were done with lots of 'cheating' and others weren't, and I made a personal decision that I only wanted to upload tapes which were done 'naturally'?
If you are able to distinguish your own tapes regarding such aspects, just upload those tapes you want. R'n'D will offer a command line option to upload arbitrary existing tapes to the server.
Sure. That was in a context of supposing that RnD would offer to upload one's tapes, first time one ran a version of RnD supporting the server. (Note: any such first-startup dialog must also be reachable by the user from GUI actions! e.g. if I were asked something like that, I would almost certainly say no; then after having explored the service and decided it was benign, I might want to go back and say 'yes'!)
Holger wrote:
filbo wrote:SO, I think when one first runs the new 'upload tapes' edition of RnD, it should survey existing tapes and dialog with the user about whether to upload those.
This would be the perfect solution, but would require some new "extended dialog" (that would also be useful for other things where the current "door dialog" is too small).

My idea was to just add a setup option "upload all my tapes" (that might disappear after it was used). :-)
No, please don't disappear it after use. OK to label it e.g. '(already done)', but if I say to do it again, it should. Maybe I copied in some tapes from my account on the next machine in my house. Who knows.
Holger wrote:
filbo wrote:Uploads could be tagged with metadata anonymously indicating who uploaded them. That is: generate a UUID the first time the game with these features is played.
The problem with this could be people playing R'n'D with the same user name on different devices, which would then get different UUIDs. :-/
That's a problem, but a small problem :)

Suppose I anonymously upload my tapes from machines A & B, where I have UUID-A and UUID-B. Later I decide to 'own' those uploads. I run RnD on machine A and login as 'filbo' to the server. The server notes that UUID-A may now be associated with 'filbo'. The game dialogs with me, along the lines of: The score server has 5432 tapes attributed to this instance of Rocks'n'Diamonds; attach these to account 'filbo'? What it's really asking is 2 different things: 'Is this your own personal machine where you have built up these tapes?' (as opposed to, for instance, I am logging into the server from my friend's machine); and 'Given that these are yours, do you actually want to attach to them?'

If I say yes, the server associates UUID-A with account 'filbo'.

And then I play on machine B, login to the server as 'filbo', go through the same dialog. If I again say yes, now there are 2 UUIDs associated with 'filbo'. No big deal.
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